Monthly Highlight : November 2020


November was another roller coaster month, hopefully it’s the end of the ride. I’ve been in a long roller coaster ride since May. When I look back to May until November, there were a lot of things happening which makes me grow and learns more about living as human.

Thanks to those experiences which allowed me to feel various emotions and feelings, so that I can understand why someone does something in their life. There was strong feeling to just die and to leave this world, to turn into the sky or clouds so that I can protect the Earth. I only don’t want to make my existence into a problem for others. I did overthink every single thing, it made my head overloaded with so much unnecessary things and I wanted a shortcut to just escape from the pain, worries and all negative self-talks.


1. Reading List

Latin Made Simple

It’s the easiest book to learn Latin from the very basic with simple explanations, exercises, and samples. Compared to other books


2. Quote I Reflect On

Found a beautiful quote when I browsed YouTube. I want to always remember this quote because we are not separated from life. I have heard this many times before, but this quote opened my eyes. 

Life doesn’t happen to you. Life happens through you


3. In  The Playlist

Fujii Kaze – Seishun Sick ( Spotify | YouTube )

Shibutani Subaru – Kaze no Uta ( Spotify )

Shibutani Subaru – Mizu ( Spotify )

Shibutani Subaru – Earth Color ( Spotify )

Takahashi Yu – Beautiful ( Spotify )

Takahashi Yu – Niji to Kinenbi ( Spotify )

SECRET NUMBER – Got That Boom ( Spotify | YouTube )

Joe Hisaishi – A Sea of Clouds in the Moonlight ( Spotify )

Milet – Who I Am ( Spotify | YouTube )


4. Watch List

Kanjani Eight – Re:LIVE (Music Video)

Johnny’s WEST – Shouko (Music Video)

milet – Who I Am (Music Video)

Looking for Magical Doremi TIFF Stage Greeting

A-RA-SHI for dream version

Inoue Rei x Inaba Manaka – Bitansan

Coping with Anxiety and Illness | Eckhart Tolle

milet – The Hardest (Music Video)

Dealing with Conflicting Thoughts | Eckhart Tolle


5. New Skincare : Isntree Clear Skin 8% AHA Essence

What I Love : mild peeling, glycolic acid, lactic acid, no fragrance


6. What Happened

J-Storm opened official YouTube channel

It’s a surprise for everyone who has followed Johnny’s for long time when they do something digitally or internationally or both. J-Storm, one of Johnny’s artist labels, finally created a youtube channel which has all newest music videos from their artists.

J-Storm Official YouTube Channel


Johnny’s WEST new single and live announcement

One of my favorite male groups has new single to come out on January next year, titled Shuukan Umakuiku Youbi. Then their live tour WTrouble was decided to be streamed online.


7. What I Did

Learned Latin

I randomly picked a simple Latin book to learn more about this beautiful language. We have used Latin since the very beginning even though we didn't realize it. That's why I thought it would be so much easier to understand Latin than any other languages (I haven't done with Japanese yet lol). Even though I haven't finished the book, doing the exercises inside the book is fun. The pronunciation is so much easier for me compared to other languages such as France, Germany or Russian.

Wrote Down My Thought : The Future of Education System in Indonesia

 It's actually a blog competition which prompted : If I were a leader, I would do .... for this country. Then I took education because I had something inside my head which needed to come out. You can read the blog post in Bahasa Indonesia here : Mewujudkan Sistem Pendidikan Impian untuk Perubahan Positif bagi Pendidikan di Indonesia.

Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash


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