Monthly Highlight : October 2020

Hello! It feels like the September Highlight was posted yesterday then I have to write the October Highlight. Yeah, I posted the September Highlight pretty late and I only made one post during October. Yet the views count was still around the same number as August - a bit less perhaps. So, during October there were some things happening. I had a short trip with the bosses. I bought some new beauty products and some new scarfs. I had to attend some wedding parties. I had to go here and there for some administration stuff. I also got high fever in the middle of the month. There were still emotional ups and downs too. The roller coaster ride was still going on. I captured some beautiful sky photos and videos too. During the full moon, as expected, it rained, so I couldn’t see the moon - even though I had seen how beautiful it was some days before the actual full moon, it was beautiful and bright contrasting the navy blue night sky. 


1. Book I Read

Atomic Habits by James Clear


2. In The Playlist

BLACKPINK - You Never Know  ( Spotify )

BLACKPINK - Lovesick Girls ( Spotify | Youtube )


FAKY - half moon ( Spotify )

Yuki Kajiura - forest ( Spotify )

Yuki Kajiura - my long forgotten cloistered sleep ( Spotify )

Yu Takahashi - Fried Potato ( Spotify )

Yu Takahashi - ORION ( Spotify )

Sandaime J Soul Brothers - Sora ni Sumu ~ Living in Your Sky ( Spotify )

FictionJunction - Distance ( Spotify )


3. TV Drama I Finished

Unsung Cinderella ( VIU )

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon ( iFlix )


4. Place I Visited


The weather was similar to Malang. They are both hot and sunny but the wind is cool. The water was similar too. The foods were nice. When I was there, it didn’t feel like I was in other city. It felt like I didn’t go anywhere. The place where we stayed was nice too. I watched K-drama a lot. We got delicious catering foods 3 times a day with big size. Haha. The best part of it was the foods were like being preserved, it’s still in their best condition after 2 days (I couldn’t eat too much food, so I split one box with co-worker, and save the rest for the next day - it turned out we still had much foods when we came back to Malang)


5. Quotes I Reflect On

“Money is easy to find. But once it’s wounded, people’s feelings can’t be easily healed even by using all the money in the world”


“Boiling water will soften a potato but harden an egg. You can’t control whether you’re a potato or an egg, but you can decide to play a game where it’s better to be hard or soft.” (James Clear)


6. Journal Theme : Osushi!


7. Photo I Like


8. Foods I Tried

Too much black pepper beef and gurame asam manis (the most expensive snacks I ever had when I only watched K-drama all day long)

Gethuk with smoked scent and unique taste

Delicious catering foods (with big portion of rice)



*I'm sorry, I didn't take all the food photos because I was too busy eating them all


9. New Items I Bought

FOCALLURE Uptown Girls #2 Sakura In Dream

NIVEA MicellAir Skin Breathe Xpert

FOCALLURE Staymax Liquid Matte Ink Lip #2 Saipan

FOCALLURE Staymax Powder Matte Lipstick #4 Naadam

*I will make review posts separately for each product later


10. Beauty Product I Emptied

PURITO Green Level Buffet Serum

 *I have talked how I love this serum endlessly in this blog, so I will also make one blog post for this one to include all details you may need

11. Products I Like

Because I got painful acne on October, a day before my short trip to Bandung, I chose to use my Etude House Soon Jung pH 5.5 Relief Toner and Etude House Soon Jung 5-Panthensoside Cica Balm in my skincare routine. It worked beautifully to calm my skin and reduce the pain. I found my acne got dried in the next day as it had reached its final stage without being too painful. Two products I used really didn't cause drying on my sky, it only makes the acne undo its plan to grow on my face.


12. Videos I Watched

Eckhart Tolle : Awakening from Self-Talk

rei - Call Me Sick | THE FIRST TAKE

rei x Shinya Kiyozuka - Shirayukihime | THE FIRST TAKE

Ryo Nishikido - Silence (Official Music Video)

Growing Rice in Fukushima | NHK World Japan

Alice in Borderland Teaser | Netflix

Alice in Borderland Official Trailer | Netflix

*can't wait for it to be available worldwide next month!

Chuuka Meisai CM | Nipponham Group ( 30sec | 15sec | Making | 30sec -osara ver. )

Sailormoon Eternal Tsukiiro Chainon Short Ver - Momoiro Clover Z

ARASHI - Whenever You Call Dance Ver.

13. What Happened

Fever Attack

I got high fever on October 17. It felt like I just had a marathon for some days, my body ached and even though it’s considered not too high fever, my normal body temperature is lower than average people, so it's a high fever for me. I didn’t take any drugs to lower the temperature. I only drank water a lot, it made me go to the toilet more often than usual, but the fever went down quickly. The fever had gone yet the pain was still there for the whole Sunday. On Monday, I had recovered and everything came back to normal. Then I got some off-days, where I suddenly lost my smelling and tasting. My life was peaceful lol. Any foods were the same. Even the most delicious food was plain. I didn’t know what happened but I had prepared for the worst. I didn’t go anywhere outside. When I had to go to work, it had been more than 2 weeks since my high fever. Even though my smelling and tasting ability hasn’t come to the normal state, it gradually comes back. 


Blog Renewal Project

Since I started to blog again after a hiatus and on-off period, I want to renew the interface of my blog so that I can start fresh. The old interface has the vibe from my hiatus period which makes me lazy to blog. It didn’t take so long to adjust the new theme with everything in my blog, because the widgets like disqus comment box, subscription box, and sidebar images are still there. I needed to set the menu, linking, and fonts (which has been a mess since blogger renewing its interface). 


The feeling during September and August were around home and going home, then the feeling during October was around sleeping peacefully for a long time. That's why I listened to "my long forgotten cloistered sleep" in endless loop, haha. I really wanted to sleep for 1000 years, then waking up on 3020 would be interesting. What kind of technology will I see? What kind of people will live on this world? People would think that my wish is a bit scary, but I prefer sleeping for 1000 years with only nice dreams, haha. Then I understand why I can't live in the fairy tale as sleeping beauty anymore. There's no protagonist who wants to sleep for so long. 

So that was my October Highlight, the busiest month of the year so far. See you on the next monthly highlight. Wish you a wonderful year-end!



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