Monthly Highlight : January 2021

Hi! It’s been awhile since my last blog post here. As I have tweeted before, I took a break of blogging for awhile because I needed to focus on my new journaling youtube channel. If you are interested to journaling things, you can check my channel here : shainalite

January was a month full of rain. Everyday is rainy day. The rain can last all night long until the morning after, then all we have is cloudy day then it will start to rain again in the afternoon. On January 20-23, we have some sunny days without rains, yay! I thought the rainy season was about to over, but then we have a heavy rain again. Haha.


As usual, I made this highlight post for summarizing my highlight pages in my bullet journal. I’ve been doing this since I started this blog, and it’s very helpful to record some important and key events during the month. Linking journaling and blogging is one of my best decision I made. I get track of my life and I can share my experiences and recommendations to everyone online. I hope it can be a help for you too.


1. January Journal Theme : Space Doodles

 You can find my journaling photos in my journaling instagram account : @shainalite

2. Playlist : Momoiro Clover Z, Taylor Swift, OH MY GIRL, etc

Some songs are old songs which finally are available on spotify global such as Eir Aoi, Rie Fu, and Nami Tamaki. Eir Aoi's dear brightness was my favorite song during college years and I'm happy it's finally available worldwide. The song brings back some memories and vibes back from that time.

E-girls – eleven ( Spotify )

Eir Aoi – dear brightness ( Spotify )

Rie Fu – Life is Like A Boat ( Spotify )

Momoiro Clover Z – Tsukiiro Chainon ( Spotify ) ( YouTube ) ( NEW RELEASE )

Johnny's WEST - Chameleon / カメレオン ( YouTube ) ( NEW RELEASE )

Johnny’s WEST – Change your mind! ( NEW RELEASE )

Maydenfield – Never Coming Down (feat. KINO) ( Spotify ) ( NEW RELEASE )

NiziU – Joyful ( Spotify )

Taylor Swift – it’s time to go ( Spotify )  ( NEW RELEASE )

CHERRY  BULLET – Love So Sweet ( Spotify ) ( NEW RELEASE )

OH MY GIRL – Etoile English Ver. ( Spotify )

Nami Tamaki – Promised Land ( Spotify )


3. Watchlist

Alice in Borderland | Netflix

2020 Best of Beauty // Liah Yoo

Starting 2021 Doing One Thing at A Time // Eckhart Tolle

Familiar Wife | Fuji TV (Viu)

JUJU – Yasashisa Afureru You ni THE FIRST TAKE

Chibi Maruko-Chan (Bahasa Indonesia)

Kanjani Eight – Kimi to Mitai Sekai / キミトミタイセカイ (Music Video)


The ultimate guide to Penpaling // mochibujo


4. Favorite Sky Photo

The photo was taken when I bought zuppa soup. The sky was blue with bright sun light. For the zuppa soup details, you can watch it in my part 1 of my January vlog mentioned below.

5.  Favorite Quote

“Sometimes giving up is the strong thing. Sometimes to run is the brave thing. Sometimes walking out is the one thing that will find you the right thing” – Taylor Swift


6. Purchased

Paper hole puncher

I think I will need a hole puncher for doing journaling session later, so I buy one along with the glue tape roll

New brush pens

I love how this SNOWMAN brush pen works on my notebook, even though it’s more difficult to control the upstrokes for lettering, I think I will use it for simple coloring.

New tripod

Since my tripod is with my brother, for his university stuff, so I bought a new one. I bought the silver one from the same brand from my previous tripod


7. What I Did

a. Started a Journaling Youtube Channel : shainalite

I made this channel on April 2020, but I started to upload videos on January 2021 because I was scared to start a journaling channel (I don’t have many journaling supplies and aesthetic room to film my videos). I talked about this in my last video here : Plan with me | February Weekly Setup | Happy Birthday!

b. Joined a bujo group DM on instagram

This year I met a friend online who asked me to join a journaling group in instagram. It’s a group for everyone who does journaling from Indonesia. I’m happy that I finally met people who are doing the same things as I am.

c. Controlling body weight

Since we got a new digital scale, I started to control my body weight which always fluctuates around 53 – 55 kg. It will be different between hours, depends on what I eat and do. So I will no longer doing this since it’s not permanent.

d. Made Teriyaki Chayote

For the first time I made teriyaki chayote for my lunch box. I never cook chayote before, but I used to see my mother cooking chayote as various dishes. The last sweet spicy chayote she made was super yummy, so I wanted to make one for my lunch. Instead of using regular sweet soy sauce, I used teriyaki sauce, and it's super yummy. I'm going to make other teriyaki chayote in the future. I might share the recipe in separate blog post. It's simple and easy yet super delicious.


8. Videos I Made

(it’s supposed to be) 2021 Bullet Journal Setup

Plan with me | January 2021 Bullet Journal Setup | Space Doodles

Plan with me | January Weekly Quick and Simple Bullet Journal Setup

Plan with me | February 2021 Bullet Journal setup |Constellation



Okay, that's all for today's blog post. Tell me about your January in the comment below. See you on the next monthly highlight! 


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