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Hello! I'm Lala. 
Thank you for visiting lailiving. Lailiving is a place for sharing anything related to self-love, learning, inspiration and lifestyle. I created this blog for spreading positivity, beauty of life and just my personal journey.  I write in Bahasa Indonesia and/or English - all my very first posts are in Bahasa Indonesia, but you can find more English posts starting 2020. This blog for me is kind of a silent witness for my growth. I have learned many things through writing and reading, so I will never stop here. Even though I don't know what it is going to be in the next 3, 5 or 10 years, I believe it's going to better and there's always something to learn. Sometimes even the smallest thing or the simplest thing can flip our world upside down, when we look closer, something is way more than the words attached to it. So, through this blog I want to share the things that may help other people even it's only 1% change made. 

Topics I cover in this blog :

1) Books
2) Journaling, Bullet Journal, Art
2) Mobile Phone / PC applications
3) Personal favorites such as music, movie, drama, and daily products
4) Environment awareness
5) Health and beauty
6) Other interesting topics like astrology and science always catch my attention, so I might cover these topics too


lailiving is accepting any kinds of collaborations / works which cover the topics mentioned above. It can be product review, article writing, affiliate/promo code, interview (for inspirational people section), or anything. If you have any recommendations such as inspirational people, products, movie or anything to be in this blog, send it through the contact / email below. 

I use Bahasa Indonesia and English in this blog. You may suggest any ideas to be covered by lailiving in those languages. 

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If you are holding non-profit event/campaign especially related to mental health, environment awareness, or other fields related to this blog, and willing to add me to join in or to promote or to collaborate by content, please send me email through lailivingroom@gmail.com by the Subject : [ NON-PROFIT ] + Your Event/Campaign/Company

Content Protection

This blog's contents are protected by DMCA.com. All the published contents in this blog belong to owner, except :
1) Free picture
2) Official web picture 
3) Quote, translation
4) Other contents which support this blog such as embedded videos. 
I put all the sources / credits in the end of the post.


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