Once Upon A Tome : A Fairy Tale Inspired Reading Challenge

Once upon a time, in a world full of magic and wonder, a reading challenge popped up, inspired by all those classic fairy tales we love. It called out to book lovers everywhere, inviting them on an epic reading journey like no other.

So, my fellow reader, get ready to jump into this magical reading challenge. Let the stories lead the way, inspire you, and fill you with all kinds of awesome vibes. Dive into the world of words, lose yourself in the magic of imagination, and get excited about every single page you turn.

Adventure is out there, just waiting for you to open that book and start exploring.


How to Participate

■Just pick one of the 33 prompts listed here. Or, if you're feeling spontaneous, ask a friend, fellow bookworm, or even a pet to choose a number between 1 and 33.

■Whether you want to read a new book every week, take a monthly stroll through the pages, or let the seasons set the pace, it's totally up to you. Make the rules fit your reading style and goals.

■Invite your friends, family, and anyone else who loves books to join in on the fun. Share this blog post with everyone you know, spreading the magic of reading far and wide. 

■Share your progress, thoughts, and reviews with fellow adventurers using the hashtag #OnceUponATome and tag me @shainalite on Instagram/Twitter.

■Don't worry if you have questions or need help, just drop a comment below, and someone friendly will be there to lend a hand. Happy reading!


Once Upon A Tome Reading Prompts

1. Read a book featuring a princess.
2. Read a book involving a magical transformation.
3. Read a book with an evil queen.
4. Read a book with a brave protagonist.
5. Read a book set in a forest.
6. Read a book with talking animals.
7. Read a book that has 'curse' or 'spell' in its title.
8. Read a book with a prince character.
9. Read a book featuring a quest or journey.
10. Read a book featuring a magical object or artifact.
11. Read a book categorized as wholesome or heartwarming.
12. Read a book with a strong female character.
13. Read a lesser-known or lesser-read book in your community or internet.
14. Read a book set in a castle or palace.
15. Read a book with element of competition.
16. Read a book with 'wish' or 'wishes' in the title.
17. Read a book with a magical creature such as a fairy, gnome, elf, dwarf, or troll.
18. Read a book that explores themes of love or a romance book.
19. Read a book with a theme of justice or revenge.
20. Read a book with beautiful cover.
21. Read a mythology or folklore inspired book.
22. Read a book with 'gold' or 'silver' on its title or cover.
23. Read a book featuring mother and daughter.
24. Read a fantasy historical fiction book.
25. Read a book with a theme of friendship.
26. Read a book where a character must solve a riddle or mystery.
27. Read a book with a non-human protagonist.
28. Read a book featuring a character who can communicate with other being (animals, mystical beings, divine beings, etc).
29. Read a book about family or with found family trope.
30. Read a book set in underwater, ocean or beach.
31. Read a book with the title started by a vocal (A, I, U, E, or O).
32. Read a book featuring a witch.
33. Read a book about books.



And that's a wrap! 

So, it's goodbye for now, dear readers, but remember, our journey doesn't stop here. Every time you crack open a book, there's a whole new adventure waiting for you. 

Until we meet again, may the magic of books always light your way. Happy reading, and may your own story be filled with all the good things, wonder, love, and maybe even a happily ever after or two. 


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