September On Repeat : Fujii Kaze - Kaerou


Photo by Kento Hirasue from Unsplash

There some songs and music videos released on early September that I really like, one of them is Kaerou (帰ろう) by Fujii Kaze. Actually he has released the song in his album HELP EVER HURT NEVER on May 2020, but the music video was available on his channel some days ago along with English translation / subtitle in it.


These days I have been thinking about one thing that few times appeared on my dreams, that is “home”. I wrote about “going home” and “where is the home that I saw in those dreams” on my journal too. This brings some coincidences, more topics about “going home” that I found on youtube feed and randomly on SNS ads.


Another coincidence is that a blogger friend commented about Fujii Kaze on one of my blog post too, like wow, everything is connected and I’m given the chance to witness that beautiful connection.


I think I have never found a song that speaks about this thing so deeply. I always cry when I watch the music video. Everything is beautiful.


On his special talk about Kaerou, one of the thing that Fujii Kaze spoke that get stuck inside my head is : We can go home safely, happily, and peacefully.


This music video will absolutely be my September repeat. Something that makes me feeling lighter when I listen to this song is the part of lyrics that says : we both have nothing to fear, nothing to lose, we both have nothing at all at the first place.


There aren’t many things I can convey through words, everything in this song and music video, even about Fujii Kaze himself is beyond words (actually everything that exists in this world is beyond words – we can’t really know what it really is). So I captured some favorite scenes from the music video (honestly, everything is my favorite) below.

Everything is a gift. This world will keep revolving and rotating with or without me. This is not about only me. This life is not a burden or punishment or something that was given to prove something. “What is the use of hating each other?”. Everything is temporary. There is no point in bringing so much baggage to that home. There is no point to prove which one is right or wrong. There is no point to achieve something great for egoic fulfillment. Achieving something, doing something good, getting praised, having friends, are good things that we can appreciate in this life, yet they are not “the tools” to be happy.

“What can we take with us when we leave this world?”


Just let go everything and let’s go home lightly.


Song Information :

Fujii Kaze – Kaerou (Album : HELP EVER HURT NEVER)

Released : May 20, 2020

Spotify || iTunes || YouTube (music video) || YouTube (Fujii Kaze Talks About Kaerou)


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