December 2021 Reading Plans

Hello friends! I just realized I haven’t posted any reading plans for December. It’s raining recently, so I’ve been torn between sleeping for hours and reading some interesting books in my November TBR. For December, I’m going to read 3 e-books from Gramedia Digital, one physical book I bought some time ago, and one ARC which I chose because of its title. With 5 books in total, I don’t  aim to read more books in December since I’m going to do my 2022 bullet journal setup  and January 2022 setup videos and edit them and schedule them. If you subscribe to my youtube channel, it’s close to 300 subscribers  when I write this blog post. Thank you!

December 2021 Reading Plans

1. Menghardik Gerimis by Sapardi Djoko Damono

I started reading this book on November, and I’m half through the book, so I plan to finish this book on December.

menghardik gerimis sapardi djoko damono

2. Twenty Four Eyes (Dua Belas Pasang Mata) by Sakae Tsuboi

This book is also in my November TBR, I didn’t get to read this book since I was in on and off reading mood (somehow). So I read the last 3 books in November super slowly.

twenty four eyes sakae tsuboi

Blurb :

Sebagai guru baru, Bu Guru Oishi ditugaskan mengajar di sebuah desa nelayan yang miskin. Di sana dia belajar memahami kehidupan sederhana dan kasih sayang yang ditunjukkan murid-muridnya. Sementara waktu berlalu, tahun-tahun yang bagai impian itu disapu oleh kenyataan hidup yang sangat memilukan. Perang memorak-porandakan semuanya, dan anak-anak ini beserta guru mereka mesti belajar menyesuaikan diri dengan perubahan zaman.

3. Be With You by Ichikawa Takuji

I bought this book through Penerbit Haru store and I got keychain with clovers on it. Then when a gift from Penerbit Haru arrived on November, it has the same keychain with clovers on it. I have two clover keychains now. So I’m super lucky, hahaha.

be with you ichikawa takuji

Blurb :

Dengan segala kekurangan yang ia miliki, Takumi baru mulai terbiasa hidup berdua dengan Yuji, anak laki-lakinya.

Sebelum meninggal, Mio--istrinya berjanji akan kembali pada musim hujan setahun kemudian. Sebuah janji tak masuk akal yang hanya bisa terwujud dengan keajaiban.

Pada suatu akhir pekan setahun kemudian, saat ia dan Yuji sedang berjalan-jalan di hutan di pinggiran kota saat hujan turun, datanglah keajaiban itu.

Mio pulang...

4. The Power of the Eight by Suzanne Rho

This is an ARC I chose to read because of the title. From the blurb, it’s interesting and intriguing enough for me to read.

the power of the eight suzanne rho

Blurb :

Ren doesn't remember what happened five years ago. All she knows is what was lost.

Not only her health, but her mother.

Now, Ren navigates life in her sleepy Scottish village through meticulously crafted plans and lists, ignoring the advice of her psychiatrist as she battles chronic pain no doctor can diagnose.
But Ren can't plan for everything. Not the strange, unruly weather, and not for the arrival of a cloaked stranger; shrouded in secrets and haloed by fireflies. Nor for his sword-wielding companion, who makes Ren feel more than a little... buzzed.

Not just sent to find Ren, but Collect her.

When the decision to leave the world Ren knows comes far sooner than it should, Ren must learn to adapt with no plan, or list. It might be the only way to both see her mother again, and save Ren's life.

But where answers linger in a place where magic dances across the skies, roams the land and swims the seas, so do those who want Ren, not for who she is, but what.

5. Tempat Paling Liar di Muka Bumi by Theoresia Rumthe & Weslly Johannes


tempat paling liar di muka bumi

It’s pretty short blog post, but I don’t have anything else to write here. So that’s all for my December 2021 Reading Plans. Which book do you want to read on December? Tell me down below. See you on the next blog post. Bye bye!

Title picture by lailiving

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