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Hello friends! How are you? I just posted my late September Reading Wrap-Up, so today I decided to post my October Books Review or my reading wrap up here. On October, as I wrote on my October Reading Plans, I participated on Scaredy Cat Readathon and finished the character building prompts for Magical Readathon Orilium. I read some ARCs, physical books and digital books which make up 10 books for this month. I found some favorites and overall I enjoy my reading experience for the month of October.

1. The Dead of False Creek (Journal Through Time Mystery #1) by Sarah M. Stephen

dead of false creek sarah m stephen

Format : digital

Where I got this book : BookSirens ARC

An interesting story to follow, dual perspectives and they're connected through a mysterious journal. The past and present Vancouver and both POV are presented in a balanced portion. It's rather slow in the early part of the book where things just came up without anything answered. Some of the things in the present time were like only fillers between one Riley's journal entry to the next. Since it's the first book, they might be the introduction of all the people who will appear in the next book. This book shows well the differences between the present time and the 19th century investigation, where in the past there's much lack in medical knowledge and everything seems slower to happen and the mysteries remain unsolved. I love the cozy atmosphere shown from both time. I enjoyed the museum work and the detective work, as the author did a good job to bring those jobs as two related occupations that can help to solve a mystery.

2. Le Petit Prince : Pangeran Cilik by Antoine De Saint-Exupery, Henri Chambert-Loir (translator)

le petit prince pangeran cilik antoine de saint exupery

Format : physical

Where I got this book : Togamas

I think it's not a book for only kids, as the topics it raised with all the criticism towards society. It's a good book to read for adult and to discuss and reflect. I enjoyed this book and love how the most common things done by adults are told from the point of view of a little prince.

3. With Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo

with fire on high elizabeth acevedo

Format : digital

Where I got this book : Scribd

This books is as beautiful as its cover. I enjoyed the shorter chapters and the writing and how the first person POV shows me the thoughts of a young mom, a high school senior and a talented Emoni. There are many things going on and I love the dynamic in this story. The number one favorite from this book is the foods! This book always makes me hungry and craving for foods. All the characters are lovable no matter how hard their words were.

4. The Tarot Cycle (Apocalypse Poems #1) by Elektra Flowers

tarot cycle elektra flowers

Format : digital

Where I got this book : Netgalley ARC

As someone who is interested in both poetry and tarot, this book is fabulous. The author did a great job to make all the major arcana pieces coming together, with certain words popping up in different chapters. The chapters that stand out for me are The Hierophant, The Star, and The World, as they mentioned the ghosts and the lilies. It's a short and easy read. Like it!

5. The Phantom of The Opera by Gaston Leroux, Stefanny Irawan (translator)

phantom of the opera gaston leroux

Format : digital

Where I got this book : Gramedia Digital

I read the Indonesian translated version which is published by Gramedia digitally. Interesting unexpected plot, cozy atmosphere, and beautiful translation. I enjoy how every person described “the ghost” differently from each other. This is beautiful story about love, desire, ambition, terror, fear, lies, and anything unsolved and remained unanswered.

6. Adaline and The Sphere (The Crystal Chronicle #1 The Crystal and the Curse) by Beady Vries

adaline and sphere beady vries

Format : digital

Where I got this book : BookSirens ARC

the idea to make this whole Sphere existed is mind-blowing. A unique book! It presented multiple point of views even in one chapter, and this has a good way to bring how the strict nature of a family affecting a child, who can't decide for herself and reluctant to do an adventure, proven by some weird responses (even inconsistent) of Adaline when it comes to saving Violet and the Sphere. But Adaline grows and developed as she started her journey. The Sphere existence and origin are unique and it shows that sometimes the seemed perfect creation can have some mistakes. I love the various races, creatures and people existing inside Sphere and how they function and interact with each other. The town vibe is my favorite.

I hope this has more spot on Violet on the next book, I like her for her faith and patience and calmness. The relationships shown in this book are nice and it has no unnecessary drama when it comes to misunderstanding and concealed identity.

The writing itself is older and unique, which is more difficult for me to read first. I love how the cooperation between friends to be shown here, in the battle with the evil. The cause of the ending is not really my favorite but overall it's quite a fun adventure to read this book.

7. Kiki’s Delivery Service by Eiko Kadono, Emily Balistrieri (translator)

kiki delivery service eiko kadono

Format : physical

Where I got this book : BookDepository

Wholesome, warming, cozy, fun and cute story of a young witch and her black cat moving to a new town. It's relaxing and comforting, and easy to read, with bunch of likable fun people inside.

8. Through His World by Rania Thahirah

through his world rania thahirah

Format : digital

Where I got this book : Gramedia Digital

interesting and unique premise, but my expectation didn't meet the execution. There are too many repetitions and the habits of people here are rolling their eyes. The cover is cool, reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

9. Musim Kupu-Kupu Kuning (Nella stagione delle farfalle gialle) by Vanni Puccioni, Evi Nurcahyani (translator)

musim kupu kupu kuning nella stagione delle farfalle gialle vanni puccioni

Format : digital

Where I got this book : Gramedia Digital

A rich and captivating book to read until the end. I love many things about this book, the story, the cover and the things I could learn from many perspective shown in one book. It has successfully shown many valuable lessons such as paradox inside oneself, the need to change the so long rooted culture but at the same time feeling reluctant to do so, ambition, keeping pride and status, deception, lies, self-reflection, love, vengeance, greed, wisdom, pain caused by society standard, women-knowledge-and-witches, ancient knowledge about war and tactics, the impact of a decision to all the generation, sacrifice, wickedness, violence and extreme things in the name of God, distrust, and rich culture and belief system. I love how the difficult and harsh nature forced humans to survive in the most extreme way and makes them a powerful tribe. The skills they had here especially when it comes to hunting and surviving in a forest are super cool, it feels like watching an assassin themed movie.

10. Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

anne of green gables l m montgomery

Format : physical

Where I got this book : Togamas

I love this book. I can't not love everyone here. The beautiful scenery, the vivid narration about the nature is the best. In around 400 pages, we can witness someone grows up and changes as she ages. How every event happened contributed to Anne's character and lesson. People inside this book are just those people we can meet in our everyday life, whom often be neglected because of their silence, less talking, and lack of showing their feelings. I can't mention everything I love from this book, because it's too many. The friendship, love, romance, nature, everyday mundane activities, failures, jokes, resentment, help, respect, and ambition.


So, that’s all for my October reading wrap-up. What books did you read on October? Did you find some new favorites too? Tell me down below.

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