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december books review

My reading experience on December is totally opposite to November. When November was a month with some 5 star books, December was a month where none of them are 5 stars for me. Here is the list of 9 books I read on December which made my total 2021 books to 108 books. Even though there’s no 5 stars book on December, there are some books that deserved an award because they broke the maa-maa (I don't really know what maa-maa means in English, maybe "it's neither so bad nor so good") cycle of my reading experience this month.

1. The Power of the Eight by Suzanne Rho

the power of the eight suzanne rho

Format : Digital | ARC

Unique magic system, many characters, detailed narration especially about setting which sometimes made me confused


2. Be With You by Ichikawa Takuji

be with you ichikawa takuji

Format : Physical

Where I Got : Penerbit Haru Official Store

A romance and family book which was uwu and made me want to protect Takkun and his son.


3. Alice in the Land of Clovers (Alice : Pick A Card #1) by B. A. Lovejoy

alice in the land of clovers b. a. lovejoy

Format : Digital | ARC

An Alice in Wonderland retelling in historical fiction genre. Weird, nonsensical and different world that kept so many answers from her and that changed Alice gradually.


4. How Do You Live? By Genzaburo Yoshino

how do you live genzaburo yoshino

Format : Digital | ARC

A book with so many messages about life


5. Menghardik Gerimis by Sapardi Djoko Damono

menghardik gerimis sapardi djoko damono

Format : Digital

Where I Got : Gramedia Digital

A short story collection with so many funny and weird stories which become my favorites.


6. Dua Belas Pasang Mata (Twenty Four Eyes) by Sakae Tsuboi

dua belas pasang mata twenty four eyes sakae tsuboi

Format : Digital

Where I Got : Gramedia Digital

A book about war and people, that war affected people differently.


7. Happy Ending Machine by Adelina Ayu

happy ending machine adelina ayu

Format : Digital

Where I Got : Gramedia Digital

The first book that made me laugh so much this month! This book deserve an award for The Laughter Source for December aka a book that made me laugh a lot this month, even though the topic it discussed is not just about a rich guy met a unique girl, but deeper than that. I love the foods and places shown in this book, and how realistic the characters it has.


8. Snow Country – Daerah Salju by Yasunari Kawabata

snow country daerah salju yasunari kawabata

Format : Digital

Where I got : iKaltara


9. Red Rising – Kebangkitan Merah by Pierce Brown

red rising kebangkitan merah pierce brown

Format : Digital

Where I Got : iKaltara

I read a 440 pages book in less than 3 days, so I’m surprised, haha. This book deserved an award for The Page-Turner Book for December aka a book that I couldn't stop reading. Since I read the Indonesian translation version, I want to read the original English version of this book.

December 2021 Reading Wrap-Up


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