Monthly Highlight : February 2021


Hello! It’s already another new month. I was surprised for awhile when I planned my February bullet journal and my March layout. I feel like it’s gonna be a short one where I need to film 2 bullet journal videos all at once. Yes, I’m doing bullet journal video every month in my new youtube channel named : shainalite. Please visit my journaling channel if you are interested in bullet journaling, drawing and lifestyle videos (because I also make daily life videos to complete my monthly highlight blog posts).


1. February Bullet Journal Theme : Constellations


Since February is my birth month, I decided to make constellation themed bullet journal. I love stars, constellations, galaxy, space, sky, moon, planets, and magical things, so I used this black and white theme for February with 12 zodiac constellations we already are familiar with. 

I also launched my newest sticker set which is The Constellation Sticker Sets for setting up this bullet journal. 

This is the photo of one of my favorite page in my February bullet journal.

For the process how I made this entire spread for February bullet journal, you can watch it here : Plan with me | February 2021 BulletJournal Setup | The Constellations and for the weekly setup : Plan with me | February 2021 Weekly Setup | Happy Birthday!


2. Playlist : Kanjani Eight, Johnny’s WEST, DREAMCATCHER, Aimyon, etc

Johnny’s WEST – Change Your Mind!

Johhny’s WEST – Chameleon ( YouTube )

DREAMCATCHER – Wind Blows ( Spotify )

DREAMCATCHER – New Days ( Spotify )

Momoiro Clover Z – Moonlight Densetsu ZZ Ver. ( Spotify )

Taylor Swift – Love Story (Taylor Ver.) ( YouTube | Spotify )

Kanjani Eight – Kimi to Mitai Sekai ( MV )

Aimyon – On A Cherry Blossom Night ( Spotify )

Isabela Merced - I'll Stay (from Instant Family) ( Spotify )


3. Watchlist

Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card #50 ( YouTube )

Contagion (2011) ( Google Play Movies )

Kanjani Eight – Kimi to Mitai Sekai (SING Ver.) ( YouTube )

Kanjani Eight – SWEET & BITTER (DANCE Ver.) ( YouTube )

Johnny’s WEST – Rainbow Chaser (Short Movie) ( YouTube )

Taylor Swift – Love Story (Taylor Ver.) Lyrics Video ( YouTube )

Johnny’s WEST – Big Dipper Music Video (Short Ver) ( YouTube )

Momoiro Clover Z – Tsukiiro Chainon (LIVE) ( YouTube )

KING KONG (2005) ( Netflix | Google Play Movies )

DREAMCATCHER – Wind Blows (Dance Video) ( YouTube )

Instant Family (2018) ( Netflix )


4. Birthday Gift from Universe

February 2 is my birthday. This year, on this date, I received a beautiful gift from the universe. The orchid in front of our house bloomed beautifully after a very long time. It only bloomed for one day and disappeared the next day. I think it’s amazing, to witness some beautiful flowers blooming in the morning. Then the weather was chill and windy. The sky was more blue than usual, created a beautiful contrast with the white clouds which were in various shapes. It’s calming to see them all. The sky looked wider than usual. I felt like I can stare at them forever. Then it’s raining during the afternoon with still a windy weather. I considered it as a perfect gift for my birthday.

Sometimes a beautiful gift doesn’t mean an expensive stuff which someone bought for us. It can be a free things around us, which sometimes we don’t realize and take them for granted.


5. Favorites

a. SKIN AQUA Tone Up UV Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++ (EMPTIED)

I don't know how many times I mentioned this sunscreen, but I do love this one. It's affordable, a tone up one which matches my skin tone, and it has my favorite UV filters. And I don't know which other way I should explain this sunscreen to you. In case you need to read my basic introduction about sunscreen and my recommendation from my favorite list, you can read one of my most popular blog posts :

Basic Skincare : Sunscreen ( English | Bahasa Indonesia )

b. Double rainbow in Japan on February 15

 The double rainbow was beautiful. It happened the same day as Johnny's WEST updating Rainbow Chaser short movie on their youtube channel. A little spoiler, so I decided to make rainbow as my April bullet journal theme.

c. Beautiful Full Moon on February 27 

We saw a beautiful orange-y full moon in the western sky. It looked closer than usual full moon. The sky also looked brighter with some clouds creating some abstract pattern.

6. Favorite Quotes


It’s okay to fail as many times as you like. It’s okay to fall as many times as you like

- Change your mind! by Johnny’s WEST

( I included this quote on my March bullet journal setup )


In the gap of disappeared time, I found you

Even if I fall down

Even when I grow tired, if your voice reaches me

A new day will come to me again



7. What I Did

a. Going to Swimming Pool

b. Enjoyed Ice Cream Party at Home

c. Bought A New Blender 

d. Visited Kebun Raya Purwodadi

e. Got Fever and Dry Skin

After arriving home from Kebun Raya Purwodadi, I felt the dry skin became worse and my body wasn't as comfortable as before, my body temperature was around 36,7C but it's not my normal temperature, so it's super weird. I wanted to only sleep forever. I didn't care what happened outside my room, I only drank a lot of water and slept until the next day.

f. Finished March Bullet Journal Setup Earlier

g. Bought Joyko Brush Pen Set (48 colors) 


8. Favorite Sky Photo


The sky photo taken on February 2. More blue. Wider. Calming and relaxing. With chill and windy weather.


9. Videos I Posted

Plan with me | February 2021 Weekly Setup | Happy Birthday!

Plan with me | March 2021 Bullet Journal Minimal Setup | TheWorld I Want to See with You

March 2021 Weekly Setup | Minimal and Simple



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