Monthly Highlight : March 2021


This month I picked the book theme for title picture because I read a lot more than usual. If you follow this blog since the early time of monthly highlight series, I made a goal for myself to read at least one book a month, so I would have 12 books by the end of the year. I mostly read non-fiction books around that time, but this year I decided to read more fictions. I used to be scared of reading non-fiction books because I felt overwhelmed to picture the description (since English is not my first language). Not all fictions are not difficult, some are easy to understand and I do love them. So this year, I want to challenge myself to read fantasy, started from middle-grade (because my brain convinced me that it’s easier to understand). That’s why I started reading a popular middle-grade series this month, and I love it!

1. March Bullet Journal Theme : The World I Want to See with You

For the month of March, I chose a theme from one of my favorite songs titled Kimi to Mitai Sekai or The World I Want to See with You.

The setup video : March Bullet Journal Setup | The World I Want to See with You

Thank you for watching this video so it exceeded 100 views by the end of the month! 

2. Watchlist

I also watched a lot this month.

Does writing fanfic make you a better writer? || K.A Emmons ( YouTube )

Johnny’s WEST – Rainbow Chaser MV ( YouTube )

ROSE – On The Ground MV ( YouTube )

DREAMCATCHER – Poison Love MV ( YouTube )

DREAMCATCHER – Wind Blows (Band Ver) ( YouTube )

DREAMCATCHER – Odd Eye (Band Ver) ( YouTube )

Blade of Glory ( Google Play Movie | Netflix )

Raya and The Last Dragon 

Johnny’s WEST LIVE TOUR 2020 WTrouble Digest ( YouTube )


Johnny’s WEST – Something New MV ( YouTube )

Johnny’s WEST – Bokura no Riyuu Live Recording ( YouTube )

Juice=Juice – Ganbarenaiyo MV ( YouTube )

Juice=Juice – DOWN TOWN MV ( YouTube )

Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card #51 ( YouTube )

Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card #52 ( YouTube )

READY PLAYER ONE ( Google Play Movie | Netflix )

NiziU – Take A Picture MV ( YouTube )

Shadow and Bone | Teaser Trailer | NETFLIX ( YouTube )

ITZY – MIDZY lyric video ( YouTube )

ROSE – On The Ground Dance Performance ( YouTube )

April 2021 Bullet Journal Setup | lootengstudio ( YouTube )

April 2021 Bullet Journal Setup | PlanningWithKay ( YouTube )

April 2021 Plan with Me : Cherry Blossom | mochibujo ( YouTube )

April 2021 Bullet Journal Setup | Cat’s Planner ( YouTube )

April 2021 Bullet Journal Setup with Spring Women Theme | Charizze T ( YouTube )

DREAMCATCHER – Odd Eye Dance Video (Dystopia ver) ( YouTube )

DREAMCATCHER – Odd Eye Dance Video (Random Box ver) ( YouTube )

Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE #1 (Indonesia dub) ( YouTube )

KAKEGURUI movie teaser ( YouTube )


3. Playlist

Natalie Taylor – Iris ( Spotify )

Fujii Kaze – Tabiji ( Spotify )

Jeremy Fisher – Come Fly Away ( Spotify )

ROSE – On The Ground ( Spotify )

ROSE – Gone ( Spotify )

Johnny’s WEST – Big Dipper ( YouTube )

Johnny’s WEST – Rainbow Chaser ( YouTube )

Johnny’s WEST – Omoi, Fuwari

Johnny’s WEST – Paradise ( YouTube )

Aimyon – Super Girl ( Spotify )

BEVERLY – KOKO ( Spotify )

Mika Arisaka – Toki no Sabaku ( Spotify )

DREAMCATCHER – Eclipse ( Spotify )

DREAMCATCHER – Don’t Light My Fire ( Spotify )

IU – Flu ( Spotify )

IU – LILAC ( Spotify )

PODCAST : Always Consider the Unconsidered Consequences | Think About It From the Other Person’s Perspective by Daily Stoic ( Spotify )

DREAMCATCHER Dystopia : Road to Utopia Album in order ( Spotify )


4. Favorite Quote

“Never let fear in your heart give you a reason to start a fight” – BEVERLY // KOKO


5. New Skincare : PURITO Centella Buffet Serum

I got 2 pimples around my period, so I need something calming to put on my skin. Since I haven’t used this serum for awhile because I tried to empty other products, I decided to repurchase this one. I know you are kinda bored when I talk about this serum, but this serum gives calming effect and has calming scent. And it helped drying out the pimples quickly.


6. Reading List

This month I read 3 types of book which are audiobook, e-book, and translated physical book. This is the month with most books I ever finished (since I’m a slow reader) with 1 non-fiction, 1 sci-fi, and 1 fantasy middle grade series consist of 5 books I picked (and finished 4 of them). There is nothing in DNF list which I’m super proud of! Good job!

The books :

a. Non-fiction : COSMOS | Carl Sagan 

b. Sci-fi : READY PLAYER ONE | Ernest Cline 

c. Fantasy / middle grade series : Keeper of The Lost Cities series – Shannon Messenger

I read five books from this series and finished the first 4 which are Keeper of The Lost Cities, Exile, Everblaze, and Neverseen by the end of March. When I’m writing this blog post, I’m currently on book 6 which is Nightfall. I never thought that I will stay reading a series until 6 books in less than 2 months. So far, this is my most favorite fantasy series which don’t make me tired to read (maybe because it’s middle-grade, I can easily digest the story and I caught myself sleeping later than usual because I was curious of what happens next).


7. What Happened

Seeing moon – jupiter – mercury triangle in the eastern sky

In the eastern sky, around 4-5 AM I saw this triangle formed by Jupiter, Mercury and the Moon. I had expected to see them because an astronomy account which my friend retweeted were mentioning about it, so I didn’t want to miss it.


Johnny’s WEST 7th album : rainboW released

My favorite group released their 7th album this year titled rainboW which consists of many gorgeous songs. My favorite songs are Big Dipper (because it’s about stars, space, and love), Rainbow Chaser, Paradise (all english lyrics song), Harujanakutemo, and Omoi, Fuwari.


Filming May bullet journal setup

Since I got some ideas, I decided to execute some of them including May bullet journal setup filming which then saved me from the sudden changes happened during April. You can watch my May bullet journal setup video which has been published on my channel : May 2021 Bullet Journal Setup | Simple Colorful Circles


8. Videos I Published

April 2021 Bullet Journal Setup | Rainbow Theme


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