Monthly Highlight : September 2020


Hello! Welcome back! It’s the first blog post after my blog renewal project and I like the end result. I decided to renew my blog after taking a break for some time since May. Many things have changed when I came back. Blogger new layout for editing templates, layout and text editor, some of my photos disappear, the font size changed, some links are broken, and I need to use my newsletter service better. Since I have no favorite colors, I can easily jump from one color theme to another so quickly, haha. I thought I needed to do some changes here and there, then this renewal project started.

What do you think about this new theme?

Since some things happened this month, I published this monthly highlight pretty late. It’s almost the end of October, and I already started writing the October highlight and doing my new sticker set for November. 


1. Books I Read

Being Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh


2. Articles I Read

Shoshin : This Zen Concept Will Help You Stop Being a Slave to Old Beliefs

The Marriage Decision: Everything Forever or Nothing Ever Again

Comet discovered to have its own northern lights


3. Foods I Tried

Late night dumplings

Cream puff

Pastry taiyaki


4. Products I Love

In this world, I only love the pine scent or those scents which deliver hygiene vibes, so right now I'm in the journey of collecting of clean scented products available in the world, haha.

What I love : the pine scent, it last longer and has thicker consistency, so it has right amount of scent when dissolved in the water, affordable (might be cheaper than any other brands)


5. New Item I Bought

What I love : the long lasting scent and cool mint effect after taking shower


6. Beauty Product I Emptied

Krave Beauty Kale-lalu-yAHA

What I like : Vegan, Cruelty-free, fragrance-essential oil-colorant free, Glycolic acid 5,25%, Glycerin, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Allantoin, Aloe Leaf Water, 100% recyclable 


7. In The Playlist

Kiyohara Kaya - SKIP  ( Spotify || Apple Music )

Buono! - Blue Sky Blue ( Apple Music )

Fujii Kaze - Kaerou ( Spotify || Apple Music || YouTube || My Thoughts About It )

ARASHI - Whenever You Call ( Spotify || Apple Music || YouTube )

Aimyon - Raw Like Sushi ( Spotify || Apple Music )

Aimyon - Her Blue Sky ( Spotify || Apple Music || YouTube )

Johnny’s WEST - Akatsuki ( CDJapan || Official Site Preview )

Ken Arai - SWEET PAIN ( Spotify || Apple Music )

HIRAIDAI - stand by me, stand by you ( Spotify || Apple Music )


8. Videos I Watched

All videos I watched are availabe on Youtube (and Twitter) :

Fujii Kaze - Kaerou (Music Video)

Fujii Kaze Talks About Kaerou

TEDxTalks : Sophia Hamblin Wang

Eckhart Tolle : Looking Through Disguise

Kitchen for Singles Season 2 ( Ep 6 || Ep 7 || Ep 8 )

Tokyo Girls Collection 2020 A/W livestream (only the channel link, since the archives are uploaded part by part)

NHK : Misao Kuwata Mochi Rice Cakes

NHK : Traveling Planetarium

Kanjani Eight’s Re-LIVE #わたしのRe ver. music video << must watch, since it has many cute fanarts featured in it

Subaru Shibutani - Subarashii Sekai Ni  (blackboard version)


9. Television Drama I Watched 

Unsung Cinderella : Midori, The Hospital Pharmacist (Fuji TV)

I always love medical drama, somehow, even though I don’t have any medical related background. One of the medical dramas I watched this month is Unsung Cinderella - led by Satomi Ishihara. One thing I noticed is that I always find Narita Ryo in dramas I watched unexpectedly. Maybe it’s something called fate lol

Watch here : VIU


10. Things I Did

Signed Up for Jenius

I have tried to sign up for Jenius some months ago, but it failed, then I said to myself that everything which is destined for me will always find me, so I let it be. I forgot it. In September when I went to a mall, someone from Jenius offered me help to sign up for free. It didn’t take long to get my account and the card done, and I got a shopping voucher too. I really wanted to sign up for this service because I want to buy my favorite artists’ live streaming tickets and subscribe to some streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix. 


Write 瞳の奥の銀河 lyrics

I randomly wrote the whole lyrics of one of my favorite Flower’s songs titled 瞳の奥の銀河 which is translated as The Milky Way in The Deep of Your Eyes. I really love this song, because I love the stars, galaxy and everything related to the sky - beside it has lovely and warming messages for those people we love. I want to memorize more kanji, so by writing the song lyrics I love, I might remember some of them.


Joining Liebster Award

I joined the Liebster Award because a fellow blogger friend nominated me for this award. You can read the blog post and answer the questions in your blog or SNS in this post (the whole post is in Bahasa Indonesia, the questions are in Bahasa Indonesia and English) : Saya Dapat Liebster Award!


Trip planning

I’m going to have a short trip to Bandung in October. It includes everyone in my workplace since it’s the wedding ceremony of my boss' son. I planned everything 1 month earlier. I never did this preparation before. I got the right amount of time to buy other stuff I need for the trip because we are going to stay there for about 3 days. I thought I’d bring only a few stuff - by only seeing the list, I thought all the beauty products including skincare, make-up, body care, would fit in one bag along with my other stuff but it doesn’t.


Found old notebook

When my sister cleaned our super old stuff from the school era, she found an old hard-covered blank notebook. I remember that when I was in High School, I bought a hard covered notebook for taking notes in Math, Chemistry and Physics classes (then I also used it for writing scripts, song lyrics, and sometimes random stuff). I remembered that Dad needed a notebook with the same size too, so I bought one. Later, I found out that he already had a new notebook so I kept the notebook I bought for the next time when he needs it again. But I completely forgot it for years lol The book now looks like a really old one with some vintage effects here and there haha. I wonder what I’m going to do with it


11. Journal Theme : Oyasumi O-kun!


All the stickers I used here are sold in my shop I mentioned earlier. My most favorite one is the sheep, since it looks like cloud with face, haha. Of course, the cutest one is O-kun! I made this character on August, then I decided to make the whole set for my September journal. I hope O-kun will get enough and nice sleeps then get ready to do his activities with 100% energy the next day.

12. Photo I Like


13. Quotes I Reflect On

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." (Carl Jung)

"We can go home safely, happily, and peacefully" (Fujii Kaze)



I have been thinking about “home” and “going home” because mostly my dreams had a person I don’t know who brings the home vibes. So I asked myself, where that home is right now - I don’t want to be like this forever, wanting to go somewhere I don’t know. Then Fujii Kaze released the music video for Kaerou. Before that, I saw many things related to home and going home but it just brought me more questions, haha.


September is a magical month as I said before. When I ask a question, the answer will appear through someone else or something that passes by. Mostly the question dissolves by itself. That’s the magic. God always listens, so whenever you ask, He will answer through many things around you. I believe in magic, because God is magic. 

I am okay, I will be okay, and I don’t need to worry. Everything is taken care of. 

See you on the next monthly highlight.


Photo by Georgia de Lotz

Title photos and graphics by lailiving


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