Trust The Journey

The first 4 day of November were cloudy and cool, but starting Nov 5 it gets back to its summer mode where it reaches 35 at day. Glad mom bought several fruits during these hot days. Today, when I was about to eat my favorite starfruit, I thought of something which is really not related to it

If you follow astronomy or astrology related stuff, you’ve already known  that we’re now in Mercury Retrograde phase. It started on October 31 until the first 20 days of November. In astronomy, this retrograde doesn’t affect human and earth. In astrology, Mercury retrograde is seen as something which brings delay in communication and transportation, since Mercury rules those things. For me, personally, Mercury retrograde is a reminder for myself to slow down, to not rush, to let things go as it is without worrying nor overthinking it.

I wrote this blog post as a reminder for myself to not rush, to slow down, and to trust the journey. 

Don’t rush.

What’s meant for you, whether it’s now up in faraway sky or it’s near you already, it will come for you and take part in your life at the right time. Anything which comes to your life today might leave you someday. What’s not yours now may come to you the other day. Everything is temporary. Everything comes and goes, and that’s not coincidences, they have purposes in your life. You might hate the things you have now. You might have lost something precious of yours. They have their own timing.

Trust the journey.

Everyone has their own speed and timeline which will match to anything which is meant for it at the right time. You’ll be okay when you go with the flow and let the worries come and go without giving additional feelings to them. Stop comparing. Their timing aren’t yours. Even if you force it to make it the same as your friend’s, it won’t perfectly placed in yours. Everything has its own timing to come into your life.

When you don’t get something you desire, it doesn’t mean you won’t have it forever, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have it. It’s just the timing. Let yourself be ready for it. 

Don't rush.

Plants don’t compete each other. They have their own timing. Some plants have beautiful flowers, but can’t produce fruits. Some plants have unnoticeable flowers but delicious fruits. Some plants produce a lot of fruits in months, some plants produce fruits in years. Some plants only live in short time, some plants are evergreen. Some plants can be consumed as a whole, some plants will kill people who eat them. 

Some people might have high-paid job after graduating, some people might keep figuring out their life purpose in their 30s, some people might want to change job after 10 years, some people might get married at 19 and have 10 kids, some people might stay single at their 40s, some people are parents for many kids they didn’t give birth to, some people hold biggest wedding party in their country, some people love each other without getting into marriage, some people keep working until midnight, some people are now trying their best to graduate next year, some people still get acne in their 30s, some people don’t get acne their whole life, some people start their business from the scratch at their 50s.

When you look at the bigger picture, you’ll notice that there’s no same templates for our lives. We get our own timeline. Nobody can force it to be the same even if they were born as twins. What’s called normal life that society set isn’t meant for you. You don’t have to match your life to that standard. Reaching certain degree, getting certain body shape, getting married before certain age, having certain number of kids, etc. Those standards are the roots of problems we face today. We fight and hurt each other in order to protect ourselves to meet those standards, so society won’t question our lives. We want to be recognized, we want to prove ourselves in order to be accepted. Once we get accepted, we are afraid to get kicked out or being left alone once we don’t match those standards. 

Even if we live that ‘normal life’, people will still question our next step, our next achievements. So, instead of worrying and rushing to get everything from society standard list, start doing the small things we are able to do today. Start small. Plant your seeds today.

Trust the journey.

Don’t let the material things which aren’t yours define you as inferior. Don’t let the possession of certain stuff scares you and makes you resist the change.

You are still you whether you have those things or not. You are complete as you, you don’t lose your value when you trust your timing. You can choose to be happy and to feel beautiful as you are now. Your current self is the best version of you for now and you will keep growing by the time.

Don’t rush. 
What’s meant for you, no matter which galaxy it is in right now, will come for you at the right time.

Don’t rush.

Journal prompt :

What are the things you didn’t have / you were dreaming of, which are now yours?

Title picture by lailiving
Photo by lailiving, Han Chen Xu


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