Don't Worry, Your Gift is on The Way


So, today I got an image popped up in my mind which was Saturn, and the word “difficult”. That’s the message I got that resonates with me much at this condition. I was in low state of mood and not feeling good yesterday. Felt so sad and questioned my life. But I didn’t want to let myself be tied up by that feeling for so long, so I released all of them through journaling, and I got better. If you often experience sudden negative thoughts or feelings, cry then do journaling. Write anything which comes into your mind. It will free your mind by releasing what you can’t express to anyone else. Or, if you’ve been doing this journaling stuff, please share your experience in the comment box below.

Saturn represents difficulty, wherever it’s placed, it brings difficulty to that area. But, Saturn brings both difficulty and gift, so that it’s called the great life teacher. Just like your teacher at school, Saturn teaches you structure, fixes what’s needed to be fixed through lessons and exams. 

Some people might find classes are boring and teachers hate them. You might avoid to know lessons that life brings to you by being disconnected or distracted, like a student who avoids class and goes to cafeteria instead. You also might be scared of your teacher, you’re afraid of making mistakes that will make your teacher mad. You might find yourself excited to attend classes everyday to learn something new. It happens in your life too, even though you’ve graduated from school long time ago. You are forever student. Yes, you are a student of life. You can avoid lessons which life gives to you, but at the same time you avoid the opportunities to level up your life.  Some lessons might seem scary, some others might seem fun.
Don’t be afraid.
It’s okay to make mistakes, your teacher might seem scary or get mad at you at first, but when you try again, he will be proud of your effort. All teachers want their students to succeed

You might have graduated from school, but lessons are everywhere in your life, because you are already gifted with intelligence and ability to learn, you have that power within. You might not realize it, and feel that you’re less than others. But, you have come this far, you are so powerful and strong. You may have gone through 15, 20, 23, 25, 30, or 55 years in your life, it shows that you are great. You have done so many things, you have made a lot of people smile, you have gone through those difficulties and you get stronger today and even stronger tomorrow and later.

What seems difficult today might be something which brings you up, be a better person, and it’s surely brings blessing along for you. Any area in your life where you feel like you get difficulties the most is the one which gift you with blessings. 

It’s okay to fail or to make mistakes, it’s okay to cry if you feel you need it. But it’s important to stand up again and finish your class. The gift that’s being promised is on its way coming to you. 

PS :
You are so loved. 

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