Keeper of the Lost Cities Graphic Novel Part 1 by Shannon Messenger, Celina Frenn, Gabriella Chianello | Book Review

Hey, fellow readers! I hope you're all doing fantastic. I got my hands on something pretty exciting at the start of 2024: Keeper of the Lost Cities graphic novel. It actually came out in November last year, but you know how it is, life gets in the way, and I finally dove into it this year.

Now, if you're a fan of the original Keeper of the Lost Cities series, you're in for a treat because this graphic novel is an adaptation of that beloved middle-grade fantasy world we all know and love. And it's not just a one-shot deal. Nope, it's part one of the adaptation of the first book of the series. Why? Well, because the original book is a bit of a monster in terms of length, especially for the middle-grade audience. So, they split it into two parts for this graphic novel.


So, I've been checking out the Keeper of the Lost Cities graphic novel, and man, it's hitting me right in the feels. If you've been riding the original book series wave for as long as I have, this graphic novel is like a sweet trip down memory lane. It brings back all those familiar vibes, and you can't help but get nostalgic.

But here's the deal: if you're new to the whole Keeper of the Lost Cities scene or if you've been holding off on the thick original books, this graphic novel is a pretty cool way to get into it. It condenses the story into visuals, making it way more approachable for folks who might be hesitant to dive into the epic novels. It's like an invitation to join the Keeper of the Lost Cities party in a more visual and digestible form.

Now, let's talk art style. For me personally it is a bit too basic for my taste. Like, it doesn't match up with what I had in mind and what's in the official illustrations for the original book. The characters seem to be doing their own thing visually as they don't match with some descriptions in the book, and it made me a bit disappointed.

And then there's the pacing. Certain parts feel like they're on fast-forward, and it's leaving some scenes kinda bare, especially when it comes to places like Havenfield and the Foxfire cafeteria.


So, wrapping it up, the Keeper of the Lost Cities graphic novel is like a mixed bag of goodies and nitpicks. If you're an OG fan, it's a sweet trip down memory lane into Shannon Messenger's fantasy realm. Newbies might find it a neat gateway into the series, but here's the kicker: the art style might not be everyone's cup of tea, and the characters might look a bit off from what we imagined. The pacing? Well, it's got some speed bumps with rushed scenes and a lack of detail in the juicy parts. It's just the first half of the first book's adaptation, so we're left intrigued about what's coming next. Oh, and if you're curious about my deep dive into the original Keeper of the Lost Cities book, check out the review on my blog


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