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It’s been so long since I wrote an entry about favorite songs of mine. Today, I’m going to show you some songs that (for me) have magical vibes inside and can bring something unexplainable whenever I listen to them. There are only 3 songs here, and all of them are released on the beginning of 2021. This will be a short entry, so I believe you won’t be bored of too much explanations and words here. Haha.

Since magical vibes are things that I’m difficult to put onto words, so I only provided you some links and informations about the songs I considered magical. I arranged the songs based on their release dates.


1. Tsukiiro Chainon by Momoiro Clover Z

Album : Tsukiiro Chainon (Momoiro Clover Z ver.)

Released : January 13, 2021


Youtube : Tsukiiro Chainon Animation Music Video  || Live Performance

Beside stars, I love the moon too. This song has something magical inside this song. Beside it always reminds you of the cosmic power (since it’s also Sailormoon Eternal Movie theme song), it brings limitless probability that you can choose – a hope that you will always be okay and you have all the power you need. This song gives the bright full moon and pureness to the playlist. When you browse for the song translation, you might find it a bit sad. Without knowing anything about what the lyrics talk about, you can see the pure and untouchable veil that blankets the morning (I don't even know what I'm going to say here, haha). 



Album : Dystopia [Road to Utopia]

Released : January 26, 2021


Youtube Music

From the very beginning of the song, you will feel that this song sounds like an anime song. New Days brings freedom and push to help you get though the confusion of being nowhere. This contributes the fresh air and cold wind to the playlist. I don't know anything about Korean language, so I don't know what the lyrics are about (I quote the lyric translation below from, yet I feel this song has something unknown and new which have never been seen before. I don't even know how to put it into the proper sentences. Haha.

"Even when I grow tired, if your voice reaches me, a new day will come to me again"

3. Big Dipper by Johnny’s WEST

Album : rainboW

Released : March 17, 2021

Youtube : Big Dipper Music Video

Everything about this song is magical. The title is an asterism name inside Ursa Major constellation, consist of 7 brightest star of the contellation. The choreography has some constellations in every move they made. even though I don’t exactly know the song lyrics translation in English, I feel like it’s about a journey and universal love. The love you can feel when you look up at both blue sky and starry sky. Endless and unlimited love for every being in the world. There’s something mysterious, unknown, unpredictable and eternal inside this song, yet it’s not scary or threatening. This song brings the unlimited choices and love to the playlist.

Always, I’m your satellite. Shine, you’re my sign of light

The way they sing “sign of light” sounds like shainalite, hahaha, my ears. 

All the three songs above have the same pure morning vibe which is for me a magical time where anything impossible can happen. Together, they bring the unlimited choices and universal love along with a fresh cold morning and a bright full moon in the sky. Based on the titles, we have moon, stars and days here, what a perfect playlist (for me).


So, what is you magical song that can bring you hope and at least reassurance that you will be okay along with the reminder that you have everything you need and you are not along? Tell me down below in the comment section. I love hearing new sounds from everyone else.

Photo by Freestocks on Unsplash


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