September 2021 Reading Plans : A Month of Magical Readathon Orilium – The Novice Path


Hi friends! On September, I’m planning to participate in a readathon by Book Roast titled Magical Readathon : Orilium - The Novice Path. It’s a fantasy-based readathon that allowed us to create our own character based on the books we choose (or vice versa). The most amazing thing here is she created the whole world here! This month, we’re going on a journey to Orilium before starting the education next year. Along the journey, we’ll get some prompts from each place we visit. Then there are also 3 other prompts which we can complete until April 2022 to create our character.

Because last month I was sick for several days, I lost my reading mood around the last third of August. So, I don’t plan to participate in too many readathons for September. Meaning, I only join this readathon and I’m not going to draw tarot cards for additional prompts. There are total 7 books for the main prompts and 3 books which I can finish before the academy starting.


Books I Want to Read September 2021

1. The Novice Path Entrance: read a book with a map

Book I chose : Charting Stars by Micheline Ryckman

This book is from August Reading Plans which I haven’t finished because I lost my reading mood after being sick for days. So I put this one on my first list for September which fulfills the first prompt of the readathon.


2. Ashtorn Tree: a book that keeps tempting you (or top of your TBR)

Book I chose : Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab


3. The Mist of Solitude: read a standalone

Book I chose : Birds of Paradise by Oliver K. Langmead

4. Ruin of the Skye: read a book featuring ghosts/haunted house, or other supernatural elements

Book I chose : Under The Whispering Door by T.J. Klune

I received an advance reader copy from Netgalley, and I realized that this will be shelved on its released date on September 21, so I need to finish this book soon. Already started reading it on the last few days of August.


5. Obsidian Falls: read a thriller or a mystery book

Book I chose : Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley

6. Tower of Rumination: read a five star prediction

Book I chose : Hollowpox by Jessica Townsend

7. Orilium Academy Arc: book with a school setting

Book I chose : Crowns of Croswald by D. E. Night

This one is also from my August Reading Plans which is also from my Netgalley shelf. It’s a long book for me (when I read it through my phone it's around 570 pages, but then I discovered that it's around 280-ish pages when I read it on computer), and I read it super slowly somehow (maybe the font type?). I hope to finish it on September. Even though the shelved date hasn’t been set yet.


Character Creation Prompts

1. Urban: book set in a city or town

Book I chose : Kiki’s Delivery Service  by Eiko Kadono

2. Darkmeadow: read a dark academia

Book I chose : A Lesson in Vengeance by Victoria Lee

3. Elf: moon or stars on the cover or title

Book I chose : The Forest of Stars


I also want to read some other books :

1. Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya

I found this manga on a book recommendation list which has elven/fae in it. I haven’t watched the anime nor read the manga, so I want to try reading this manga on September. Even though the manga was pretty popular during my high school days, I never read it, because I always thought that it's about basketball or other sport genre (which I wasn't really interested in back then).

2. Zodiac P.I  by Natsumi Ando

I read the first volume on August, and I want to finish the whole series this month. This manga was my favorite during 7th grade because it has zodiac theme and I learned horoscope and zodiac related things because of this manga. I remembered one day after school I went to the city library to just read more books about zodiac, and I was amazed of how vast the topic was. So, I want to re-read this manga to just find those memories inside. 


My priority is to read all 7 books from the path prompts especially the ARCs I have received, the character creation prompts can be fulfilled anytime before April 2022. So, which book do you want to read on September?

If you are interested to know my reading journey, I post my updates for books I’m currently reading on my twitter account @shainalite and I also post some short review in an easy graphic there (that’s why some the book infographics I posted here has @shainalite as watermark on it.

If you are interested to participate in this wondrous readathon, you can go to the announcement video and you can find all the instructions and all documents you need there. 

Thank you for reading this entry, see you on August Reading wrap up! Have a nice reading month! Bye!


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