Monthly Highlight : August 2020


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Hello, welcome back to another monthly highlight. We have come to another new month. September will be an important month - just like other months passed. I decided to change the monthly highlight format to be more minimal and easy to read without too many explanations or words, because some experiences can’t be explained by the words, you will know it when you are in it. 

I learned that being present is the most important thing in this world. For years, I have lived in an unconscious pattern and the same cycles over and over again. This just makes me get the same results again and again. Everyone will be different, so whenever you are tired of the same things that always come into your life, you might need to see inside. You might need to ask this : what habits do I have?

You might need to do something about it, or you do nothing. Maybe you don’t know what to do, that’s okay too. 

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I made this monthly highlight in a new format so that it can be more helpful and easier to track. Psst, I only planned to make it simpler with fewer words, but I ended up creating all of these graphics. The spontaneous work is always the best for me.


Disclaimer : all of the products I mentioned are not sponsored, I bought it myself.


1. Books I Read 

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Krishnamurti’s Notebook 

A book published from a diary of Jiddu Krishnamurti around 1961-1962, which he didn’t write to publish it. Some vocabulary is new for me, yet I can always enjoy any pages I open randomly from this book. There is always something that can't be spoken about reading this published notebook.

It was a perfect day; the sky was intensely blue and everything was sparkling in the morning sun. There were a few clouds floating about, leisurely, with nowhere to go. The sun on the fluttering leaves of aspen were brilliant jewels against the green sloping hills. The meadows overnight had changed, more intense, more soft, a green that is utterly unimaginable.



Astrology for the Souls by Jan Spiller

A book that has been on my wishlist for a long time, and I just remembered to finally read it. Another life-changing book for me. It’s mainly about the moon nodes, which is the aspect I’ve used to be more likely to abandon. Then I come into understanding why there is this kind of life for me to live in, then comes the “answer” of looking at life from another perspective. 

Truth is an energy, not a personal opinion; it cannot be reached with two concepts struggling against each other to be “right.” The energy of Truth is accessed through two people who are being open to each other’s ideas and wanting to find Truth together.



2. Beauty Product I Emptied 

beauty product empty lailiving

SKIN AQUA Tone Up UV Essence SPF50 PA++++

What I like : the ingredients (Tinosorb M, Titanium Dioxide), affordable price, consistency, moisturizing, easily blended to my skin

La Tulipe Maximatte Lipstick : Blushing Wine

What I like : not drying, the color is suitable for my skin tone, affordable price


3. Foods I Tried 

august foods lailiving


Mom bought many tomatoes this month, big red sweet tomatoes. I can eat up to 5 tomatoes, but then I understand that my tummy doesn’t like too much tomatoes, it results in stomach ache the next morning. Then I limit it to only one tomato a day, it can keep the doctor away, lol.


Another fruit mom bought was a big sweet fresh papaya. I haven’t taken any photos of it because it disappeared in a short time lol everyone loves it, I even ate too much so that my stomach hurt again during the night lol.

Spicy Spaghetti

On a peaceful off day, I decided to cook my spaghetti I bought a long time ago, haha. I have the chili oils from instant noodles, so I used them. It resulted to a super spicy spaghetti, that made my head spin around after eating it. Yet my youngest sister ate it enthusiastically without having a stomachache or anything else. 

Chicken Dumplings

A co-worker bought some dumplings. I got one, at first I thought it had strawberry inside because of the red dots on the top of it to differentiate it from the other fillings, but it was actually a ground chicken with basil leaves and a bit spicy seasoning. I usually love the filling more than the dough, but this time I love the dough more. It has something different, something like vanilla and a light tasty ingredient which I really love.


4. Photo I Love 


favorite photo august lailiving

Autumn is getting closer.

5. In the Playlist

august playlist lailiving

JJ Heller - Blowin' in the Wind

Spotify | YouTube 

Ayaka - Nijiiro

Spotify | iTunes 

E-girls - hitohira

Spotify | iTunes

S.A Karl - Aldebaran

Spotify | iTunes

Johnny’s WEST - ANS

CDJapan | Official Music Clip (Twitter)

Kiyohara Kaya - Ima to Ano Koro no Bokura

Spotify | iTunes | YouTube

J.Y. Park - When We Disco (Duet with SUNMI)

Spotify  |  YouTube

Takahashi Yu - room

Spotify | iTunes | YouTube

Aimyon - Morning Sun

Spotify | iTunes | YouTube

Kanjani Eight - Re-LIVE

CDJapan  | Official Music Video (Twitter)


6. Quote I Reflect On

august quote lailiving

“Whenever you are unhappy there is unconscious belief that unhappiness buys you what you want”

(The Power of Now / Eckhart Tolle)


7. Journal Theme 

august bujo lailiving

Takoyaki. I found this theme to be cute and I really like the red color from this tombow dual brush pen. I never planned to make this pattern, but it happened accidentally that I ended up creating the whole pattern that made traces on the title page. 


8. New Item I Bought

august new item lailiving

The reason I chose this tissue is its cute packaging. There were two types with cupcakes and doughnuts. This packaging reminds me of Arashi Sweet Club title image.


9. Products I Like

august favorite product lailiving

ZINC Active Cool Shampoo

What I like : the smell (super important aspect for a shampoo for me), doesn’t cause dandruff or hair dryness

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask : Apple Lime

What I like : calming my lips after eating too much pineapples the other day, moisturize my dry lips during these hot sunny days


10. Videos I Watched

video watched lailiving

Eckhart Tolle Teaches Young Man (documentary)(YouTube)

Living with Meaning, Purpose and Wisdom in the Digital Age | Eckhart Tolle Talks At Google (YouTube)

Become Awake Now! | Russel Brand & Eckhart Tolle Full Episode (YouTube)

When We Disco Dance Practice (YouTube)


Title picture by lailiving

Photo by Mockup Graphics

Tomato photo by Erily Mariel

Papaya Photo by mercy


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