Monthly Highlight : April 2020

Hello! Welcome back! Yay! We are now in May. April for me was super fun, like I had some ideas that I couldn’t do them all in only a month. Haha. April also had some days where it felt so hot, we could see the bright sunlight even at 5 PM, we had heavy rain too. Unpredictable weather, haha. I listened to more songs during May, for my private project “soundtrack” that helped me a lot with visualizing. I also emptied one of my favorite skincare products, a bit shocking, I thought it still had more left in the bottle. 

1. Blog : weekly message new format, April Entries, domain renewal

I decided to buy a domain on April 16, so April 16 is birthday too, haha. It means that this month I did domain renewal too. There are some things I did for my blog that are a bit different from my usual format. The weekly message and monthly message formats are changed to be more practical than the previous ones. I also decided to add some infographics I made myself to the post so that it looks more informative and understandable. 

2. Book : Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabbat-Zin

Yay, finally I finished this book! It’s supposed to be March reading material, but as I mentioned in March Highlight that a book wanted me to re-read it by appearing like everywhere. This book is similar to the book I re-read in March which is about being in the present moment. This is a book by Jon Kabbat-Zin that talks more about meditation and the step-by-step for doing that. It stresses more to not go anywhere else, but truly being in the current place you are in. it’s not about being somebody else, but being who you already are.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from Wherever You Go, There You Are :
"If we are not fully present for many of those moments, we may not only miss what is most valuable in our lives but also fail to realize the richness and the depth of our possibilities for growth and transformation."

" yourself and not try to become anything that you are not already."  

"Stress is part of life, part of being human, intrinsic to the human condition itself. But that does not mean that we have to be victims in the face of large forces in our lives."  

"....meditation is about letting the mind be as it is and knowing something about how it is in this moment. It’s not about getting somewhere else, but about allowing yourself to be where you already are."  

"Trust that in this moment, “This is it,” whatever and wherever “this” is."  

"We don’t have to come up with answers, nor think that there has to be one particular answer. Better not to think at all."  

"....walk in beauty, wherever you are."  

"You are not competing with anybody else’s body or even aiming to improve your own. You are
not judging how your body is doing."  

"We resonate with one another’s sorrows because we are interconnected. Being whole and simultaneously part of a larger whole, we can change the world simply by changing ourselves."  

"It is so much easier to find fault, to blame, to believe that what is needed is a change on the outside, an escape from the forces that are holding you back, preventing you from growing, from finding happiness." 

"Nothing is isolated. Each event connects with others. Things are constantly unfolding on different levels."  

"You might say you are your name, but that is not quite accurate. Your name is just a label. The same is true of your age, your gender, your opinions, and so on. None are fundamental to who you are."  

"Spiritual simply means experiencing wholeness and interconnectedness directly, a seeing that individuality and the totality are interwoven, that nothing is separate or extraneous."  

"Our demons, our dragons, our dwarfs, our witches and ogres, our princes and princesses, our kings and queens, our crevices and grails, our dungeons and our oars are all here now, ready to teach us."

3. Skincare empty : PURITO Green Level Buffet Serum

Another skincare that I emptied was PURITO Green Level Buffet Serum which is my favorite, since it works well and smells so good (contains lavender oils - if you have sensitive skin, I recommend the unscented one in white bottle). This serum contains my favorite niacinamide and centella asiatica extract that calm my skin (especially when a new acne is about to pop out). It works really well with my combination skin, my skin absorbs the serum quickly and it leaves my skin hydrated. Not sticky at all. It came with a pump bottle and it can be disassembled easily for the recycling process. PURITO is also a brand that supports environment and animals, you can see the label cruelty free on its packaging and how they choose the packaging material like this. I will definitely buy another bottle. Haha. 

4. Private Project : SNOW

My on-going private project is a fiction novel titled SNOW. It's a story that contains many things I've experiences, my thoughts and my views about life, I believe it's the best private project I've ever made. I will change the title later if I find another catchy title, haha. It’s a project for myself as advice from someone for reducing stress and creating an outlet for my overload thoughts. By writing the story, I feel so much better everyday. I ever written a story (I think it's a darker one) and I always get nightmares when I write it before bed. Yet SNOW is different, I usually write it before bed, and I don’t get nightmares at all. It’s now reaching chapter 18 and 100-ish pages which makes me surprised. I never thought that I would be able to write this much and to keep writing consistently. If you want to reduce the amount of stress or the thoughts inside your head, you can do a similar private project as mine. It shouldn’t have to be perfect since it’s only you reading this. When you aim this project for the public, it might cause another stress, haha, so it’s better to make it private. Later, when you feel you want to publish it, you can polish the story more. I also made a playlist on Spotify for this private project titled SNOW Soundtrack, that consists of the songs that are suitable to be the background for certain scene / chapter.

5. Playlist : CLEAR, Princess, Who I Am, Again

CLEAR is a song by famous singer Maaya Sakamoto which is used as the opening theme for my favorite series Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card. When I watched the series for the first time, I didn’t really pay attention to the song, and it didn’t leave much impression on me. But for April, I got the urge to listen to this song, and magically I really like it more than before. My favorite line is “Even if I don’t have wings to fly, I will run until I reach the place I want to be”. For me, it’s a song for hope and it has the clear vibe that I really like.

Princess is a song that was released 4 years ago by my favorite singer miwa. This song sounds suitable for my previous 2 blog posts about wizards and ugly frogs that were inspired by fairytales. It has a cute theme yet refreshing at the same time. Yes, we all have the princess part inside of us, whether you realize or not. As Jon Kabbat-Zin stated in his book that I mentioned above, we are all having those fairytales’ creatures to work with. My favorite line is “I can ride the pumpkin because I believe in magic”. When you believe, nothing is impossible. 

Who I Am is the newest single released by miwa that is empowering and instantly becomes my favorite. The repeated lines like You know who you are, We know who we are and I know who I am really get engraved in my head. She also sang the song from her home with only her playing guitar, and I really like it. 

Again (English Ver.) is the newest song by my favorite singer Beverly that previously was released a year ago in Japanese. This song was released firstly on Avex YouTube channel and I immediately like it. Then it’s available on Spotify global as well. It became one of my most listened to songs during the month of April. This song was released when I wrote a sad chapter of SNOW where the main character had to say goodbye to her family. So this song is really suitable for that chapter, that every time I listen to it, I get reminded to that particular scene where she cried all night. Haha. Also, Beverly's voice is unforgettable and super super cool. I can cry whenever I listen to any of her songs. 

All the songs I mentioned above are all the soundtrack for SNOW that are able to wake up the memories of some chapters that I had written. If I were given the chance to make it into a series or movie, I would choose the songs from my SNOW Soundtrack Playlist for it.

Oh, I think my April theme would be CLEAR, since I feel like seeing some things more clearly than before. That’s why I was drawn to this kind of picture and ended up making the title picture more simple than usual. Yes, I have done updating, so that I can see it clearly. That’s a good sentence! Thank you!

Yeah! That’s all for April highlight. How was your April? Let me know in the comment box below.

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