7 Things You Can Do To Help While Staying At Home

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By just staying at home, you help your neighbor, your family, the medical staff, and even  the country in preventing the virus to spread more. You might be wondering what other things you can do to help people out there while staying at home. You are helping yourself and other people now But, here are some other things you can do to help more people by not going anywhere else.


1. Use Yahoo! JAPAN

Currently Yahoo! JAPAN is holding a campaign where they will donate 1 yen for every search you input using the keyword のりこえよう from May 1 to May 6. The donation goes to medical field support. You can participate by simply typing のりこえよう and click search so that a page like this will appear as  a thank you for participating. You can join the campaign by this link.

2. Browse using Ecosia

As I mentioned before, you can help the environment by using Ecosia for planting trees around the world. This search engine will report how many trees you can plant by showing the numbers on the top right of its interface. Ecosia can be a great search engine alternative to your usual search engine if you want to plant trees while doing what you love to do at home.

3. Choose online shopping

With the current situation, online shopping is highly recommended since it decreases the physical contact among people. The most important thing to remember when you do online shopping is buying only the things you need. When you are not sure whether or not you need certain stuff, you can leave them in your shopping cart for 3 days, then you can decide.

4. Buy products that join 1% for the planet

You can participate to donate to certain cases by buying products from some sellers / brands that donate their profits and/or join the 1% for the planet (they will donate 1% of their profit for this website to help the world). One skincare brand that I really love, Krave Beauty announced that they are now member of 1% for the planet, so you can take care your skin while helping the environment too.

5. Don’t share anything unless it’s official

If you can do something to physically help other people out there, you can help by not sharing anything unless it’s official ones. In this kind of situation, we can easily be overwhelmed with many articles or contents that share new and weird things in order to gain views number. Don’t buy into that. You are smart enough to differ which one is credible. Personally, I only subscribe to WHO newsletter for the daily reports, even though I don’t usually read it every day. It’s so much simple than reading random group chats  full of speculations and hoax. So that you get the right information and you can save more time to do other things.

6. Consume and share good contents

You can support other content creators by sharing their contents too. Consuming good contents benefits you, you have good energy and mindset so that you see life positively and impact others  by creating positive circumstances around you. Sharing good contents not only help the author to promote their works, but also help other people in your social media circles to have better insights too. You can help many people including yourself by simply sharing one good content whether it’s blog post, music, podcast or youtube video.

7. Pay your bills and be grateful

For some people, it’s hard for even paying bills monthly, especially when they have no jobs due to the virus. For you, who are able to pay your bills, pay it regularly and gratefully. Feel the gratitude for the money you have and the service you’ve been enjoying. Gratitude will bring more blessing into your life. It doesn’t literally give you some sudden money after paying your bills, even though there is a possibility for it. Blessings can be anything. The amount of money you have is one kind of blessings too.

Yeah! So it’s supposed to be a weekly message for Sunday, but I forgot it (I slept the whole day after laundrying and doing other stuff), haha, so I wrote this blog post today without really knowing what I want to share, I think it's the shortest post I made this year. I hope this short yet cool blog post can inspire you to act wisely while staying at home. Please remember that your existence gives meaning to the world. Everything you do gives impact whether it’s good or bad. So, be mindful of your doings. If you have some ideas to help more people while staying home, you can leave it in the comment box below. Sending you so much love, see you on the next post. Keep living, keep loving, and peace!

Title picture and infographic by lailiving
Photo by Hugo Sousa on Unsplash


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