Simple Things You Can Do To Love The Earth

Hello, my loves! Welcome back! Happy Earth Day!

As I mentioned before, I’ve been busy making daily videos on my youtube channel, haha, so I didn’t make posts other than weekly and monthly message. But, today, I want to make another cool post about Earth Day. You have been living on Earth for years, sometimes you wonder how you can thank the Earth for providing wonderful foods to eat, amazing scenery to enjoy and comfortable place to live. YOU CAN! You can always show your love to the Earth everyday. You don’t have to wait until you become a billionaire, or until you become famous with 1 million instagram followers. NO. You can always start doing good things NOW.

In this post I won’t mention the things that I don’t do. All the things I wrote here are the things that I do whenever I can, so don’t worry, it’s applicable! You don’t have to do it all, just do the things you can. To show your love, you don’t have to do many big things, you can start by the smallest ones in the current place you are in. Even if you are the only one who does it, it doesn’t reduce the positive vibe you are emitting. Your simple act of love might inspire other people around you by time. You don’t need to argue with other people in order to show your love, just do it. The Earth will be happy if you can peacefully do good things on it.

With the current situation, people might be doing panic buying so there might be nothing left for other people. You are allowed to be scared and feeling your fears, but it's selfish to think only for yourself by letting other people getting nothing. It applies to any situation, everyday, every time, it's important to buy only the things you need. Don't buy too many products that will end up getting unused due to the expiry dates or getting broken because of the storage issues. It's not wise to buy everything and let it be expired and unused while everyone out there needs that products. If you have excess products, you can give them away so that it can be useful for other people too. Please remember that, the main purpose of making a product is to be used.

love the earth lailiving

Shortly, here we have the live of simple things you can do everyday to love the Earth 


1// Unplug electronics and lamp when it’s not in use. Choose the eco-friendly lamp or the ones that consume less energy for your home and your office.

2// Bring your own shopping bag to reduce the plastic using. Some of stores will add extra charge for plastic bag if you don’t bring your own.

3// Buy foods or skincare products in recyclable or eco-friendly packaging. Some of skincare products use environment-friendly packaging and donate their sales for the forest and wild animals. Choose the foods that are grown locally to support local farmers too.

4// Finish off your meals. Empty your plates, don’t waste the resource, because there are still many people out there that need foods. Pick the small amount of meal when you are in a hurry.

5// Dry your hair naturally. Instead of using hair-dryer, let your hair dry naturally, especially if you stay at home the whole day. Also, use the sun energy to dry your clothes when it's sunny outside, instead of using dryer.

6// Empty your skincare products. Give the skincare products away if you can’t use it anymore. Buy the mini versions if you are new to that product, or buy share products with your friends. Clean the empty package before sending it to recycling center. 

7// Focus on the good. By focusing on the good, you magnify its power. You can love the Earth by loving the beings that live on it and choose to focus on the good things that will bring more good things to your surrounding.

8// Take care of a plant in your home / apartment to make the air more fresh and healthy, also it’s pleasant to see the plants growing by time.

love the earth infographic lailiving

9// Clean your place before leaving. It doesn’t matter whether you use public place or your own room, but it’s important to make sure the place you have used is in clean state before leaving it. If it’s a public area, you are not only helping the Earth, but also the public worker who cleans it.

10// Use bamboo / steel straw.  Bamboo straws are a sustainable alternative to plastic straws. They are naturally anti-bacterial and compostable at the end of their lifespan. You can bring your own straw when you go to restaurant (if they allow you to) or choose to buy the reusable ones for your home. 

bamboo straws

11// Choose washable mask. Instead of buying the single-use type mask, you can choose the washable mask to reduce the waste. You can also make your own washable mask too.

12// Hug a tree. It’s a bit weird but you can hug a tree in front of your home to convey your thanks to the tree for being there.

13// Walk or use public transportation to reduce the air pollution from vehicle. Walking is also good for your health, especially in the morning. You can also choose to use stairs instead of elevator in your workplace.

14// Browse using Ecosia. Ecosia is a browser that will plant a tree for  every search we input. The numbers of tree we plant through Ecosia will appear on the top of the browser. I made the post about this browser in Bahasa Indonesia.

15// Use less paper. The technology we currently have makes it possible to reduce the paper usage, we can choose e-book, online tutorials, and digital journal.

16// Bring your own water bottle to avoid buying more plastic bottles. Beside it can reminds you to drink more water, you reduce the usage of plastic bottles. You can also choose the mineral water that provides refill service too.

17// Make everyday as Earth Day. Say thanks to the Earth for everything, like the oxygen you inspire, in the morning and before bed. You might not get a reply from the Earth directly, but a thank you would not hurt the Earth.

Oh, it’s something that I often find here in Indonesia. When you have to print out your report or anything, it’s better to not ask for plastic bag to the printing service. Instead, bring your own document keeper. You can’t go 100% paperless, but you can choose to not use plastic as often as you can. 

Mom always brings her own shopping bag, literally every time she goes out. She taught me to reuse the bags we already have for shopping purpose so that the store or seller won't use any more plastic. Also, she has already been bringing her own food container for buying foods. During my childhood, I loved it when mom packaged her food container, because it means she would bring me somewhere to buy yummy foods. There was no food delivery services back then (only the big brands). She doesn't use the packaging (mostly plastic) provided by the seller. I think it's cool! Mom is cool! Haha.

love the earth infographic lailiving

Also, even if it's not February, you can do the #MyKindFebruary project I made this year that has prompts to do simple act of kindness everyday for 29 days.

Yeah. I hope this post will help anyone who reads it so that they will love the Earth more. Let’s take a conscious steps to love the Earth and stop doing the bad habits that might jeopardize it. How about you? How do you show your love to the Earth? Feel free to share in the comment box below ^^

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