Weekly Message : Focus on The Good

By focusing on the good, we magnify its power

Hello, my loves! Welcome back to another weekly message post, yay! Actually, I have written something for this weekly message even but then I got another idea, so I need to post this one first. I’m currently this #FocusOnTheGood thing on twitter too, started on March 20. I want to spread a good vibe to the world. Starting by as simple as a twitter thread, I hope this good vibe will reach someone and change their life.

You can also do this on your social media or your blog anytime you want. You can use the title picture I made for my twitter thread too, or you can make your own. 

I got this idea on Friday morning, since it was International Happiness Day. Also, March 20 is Aries Equinox where Sun moves into the sign of Aries, marking a whole new cycle. In the northern hemisphere it’s called Spring Equinox, while in the southern it’s called Autumnal Equinox, where we both have the same length of day and night. It’s marked as new year in astrology, Iranian/Persian calendar and Assyrian calendar. So, I want to do something different as I left the old for the new one. Then here we have #FocusOnTheGood Daily where I created a thread about good things I find every day, with the intention to spread more good vibes. So that everyone who finds my account could feel the peace in the middle of the storm.

As we know, the current situation leads to worries, panic and anxiety. The news shows the increasing numbers, people convey their worries and fear, the other ones get angry, and some others keep spreading positive vibes through their accounts. 

I do my best I can, so that the disease doesn’t spread more. Certain things are sold under limitation. One person is allowed only for one product. People might be worried, so that they come back again and again to the shop to buy more. I leave those masks, hand sanitizer, and my favorite body wash for those who need it. Those who have weakened immune systems, those who are older, those who are sick, and those who work in health care. We need to do the prevention steps, but we need to look around too. I believe one of the lessons from this outbreak is to be more loving and kind towards other people. When you do good things, more good things will come to you. By helping others, by not panic-buying, and by leaving the rest for other people, you save other people’s lives. So, please love yourself and love your surroundings too. 

In this situation we might be easily triggered by some news that is targeted to spread fear, to increase views number and to control the mass focus. But, we have the options to focus on them or to focus on the simple good things we can find everyday. Please remember that, when we focus on something, we then get more of that thing in our lives. We put our focus on good things, then that good thing will be magnified and attract other good things to come. Oppositely, when we focus on some angry comments or controversial articles, we magnify that angry comments energy so that it brings more anger into our lives.

You have the power to switch your focus. You might find things that you see as “negative”  around you, but don’t let them bring you down. You are the driver, don’t let them take your driver seat. By consciously taking back your driver power, you then can see that “negative” thing clearly. Based on The Power of Now, you have 3 options when you face something “negative” : 1) leave that negativity, 2) make changes, or 3) practice acceptance. Acceptance doesn’t mean you validate the negative things to be there, you just recognize their existence, see them from different perspectives, not put any labels, and make peace with it. 

I believe that everyday you will find at least one good thing, even though the rest of your day is filled by “negative” things. So, even if it’s only one, when you focus on it, it will bring more good things for you.  It doesn’t matter if it’s only one. You have decided to be the driver of your own life! That’s a good thing. Just keep doing. By the end of the year, you’ll realize that your life has changed so much.

So, where do you want to put your focus to?

Okay, I hope you enjoy this weekly message, see you next week. Keep living, keep loving, and peace!

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