New Year Card 2020

Hello! Another project I’ve accomplished for 2020 is new year card. I got some cute new year cards couple years ago from my friends, that this year I want to send my own to them and to myself. I used to create and send things for myself, even I got Eid money from myself too lol. I like to save them in one place so that some years later I will come back to read or get surprised of the money I have there. 

This year I sent my new year cards to some friends which replied to my update whether or not anyone wants new year card from me. At first, I wanted to write only a letter for them, but then I thought that 90% of them are living faraway, some are in other lands, so I changed the plan. I made extra cards too. The contents are really random. I used random picker online to pick certain keywords, color, and quotes for it. Then I randomly picked one from each card for each name.  I don’t know who gets the which lol. I want it to be a surprise for myself too. 

It’s the first time I sent my own new year cards which I made and designed it myself. I also made the envelope myself (because I love to). I’m so proud of myself that I have accomplished this project without delaying it. I now see myself as someone who goes after her plans to bring it into life. A random message for everyone reading this blog post, if you used to see yourself as a lazy and incapable person, you can challenge yourself doing something new. It hasn’t to be something big, but as you are able to do it, you then build your confidence. You’ll see yourself as different person, you’ll see yourself as someone who has done something new. Honestly, I never made something like this before, even the lailiving 2020 journal is something new for me. I only go for what I want, for trying and learning. 

I hope I will create and send more cards for 2021. 

This is one of the cards I received from myself. The messages for this card are actually from Crystal Spirit Deck by Colette Baron-Reid. I love sending random messages for myself, sometimes I get some random messages stuck in my mind, that I’m able to write them into Weekly Message, Monthly Message or Today’s Message section for this blog. I hope the random messages I’ve gotten will be useful for other people by sharing them here.

Since I stick the envelope with double tape, I won’t be able to open it lol. I will open it 3 or 5 years later, maybe, haha. 

Also, I'm happy that all the cards I've sent has been arrived safely (A friend even made an unboxing video in her instagram story too). Surprisingly the first one arrived was the one for my friend in Kalimantan, while the nearer place hadn't arrived yet that time. The most important thing is I have done something I wanted to do to spread positive messages. 

How about you? Do you send new year cards too? Share yours in the comment box below

I’m getting ready for my upcoming project #MyKindFebruary. Are you going to join me? Please check this post for more details : Let’s Join #MyKindFebruary. I’d love to see you join this little baby project of mine (This is my first time doing this thing too, haha, I don’t know how it will turn out but I’m having fun in the process right now, so it’s a good sign for me).

All photos are by lailiving


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