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Hello! As I said in the previous post, December 2019 was a month full of inspiration and urge to execute everything inside my mind. One of them is this lailiving Journal 2020. I love to journal both using physical journal and digital ones. Previous journal I used were either lined or blank. I always wanted the dotted ones but even the biggest stationary store here doesn’t sell that kind of journal. There are many options when buying it online, but I feel like wanting to make it myself, add more pages and choose the color I want.

I drew nemophila flower as the cover. Actually it has the wrong flower color lol. A big note for the next lailiving journal on 2021 : to properly communicate with the printing service. 

This journal is inspired by Nemophila flower aka Baby Blue Eyes. It comes in A5 size with 200 pages in 80 gsm paper. I planned to use 100 gsm ones but 80 gsm has already making it this thick lol.  

Next pages are supposed to be intention setting pages, the big theme of the year, things I want to do, emotion I want to feel and bucket list. But, as I printed the sample pages before and tried to fill it, it didn’t feel like me. So I ended up skipping them and created the pages manually lol

The sample page which ended up being removed :

I decided to add this monthly themes to set what vibe I want to create each month. My January 2020 theme is Freedom. Walking alone in my own path is a freedom for me. Freedom is also my astrological aspect. As I always say about astrology, it’s more like an inspiration for me. I’m gonna embrace every positive aspect of it to be part of me.

The rest pages are dotted ones. I choose to not add tables or points (like those in common daily planner) to give myself so much freedom (again, freedom :D) to write here and there even draw anything without limits (that’s why the first plan to have everything in templates is ended up being cancelled). Even if sometimes I feel lazy to draw or even create lines, I’m always proud of what I have manually written / drawn on my journal no matter how messy it looks lol (this one is one of my best handwriting, so it could be unreadable when I have no motivation to write lol) 

I’m the type who has too much random things popping inside my mind, so it’s easier for me to just jot down the ideas or plans by the week, then decide which one to be done in which day at the beginning of every week. So my style is more like Alastair in weekly version.  

The only tracker which works for me. From my previous journals, this period tracker was the only one who ends up being fully filled for the whole year. For 2020, I didn't make any other tracker. 

Overall, I’m proud of this journal as the 1st journal I made myself. Finally I can execute the ideas inside my mind without so much delay nor excuses to procrastinate. I will plan the next lailiving journal earlier so I have much time to print the samples and communicate properly to the printing service. 

Also, I add a pocket to save anything related to this journal from this year.

If you are interested to print yourself the intention pages (which I’ve removed from the journal), leave the comments below, I will convert it into pdf and post the link in the next post. If you love this blog and get interested to donate, I’ll be happily accept it! I have both Buy Me ACoffee and PayPal accounts, you can use them, please feel free to message me if you get trouble using these services. 

May the good vibes you have sent come back to you even bigger than you expected. Hopefully, 2020 will be a good year to make all of the dreams come into fruition. Remember that, like attracts like, good energy attracts good energy, every good things you send out will lead more good things to come into your life.

How about your plans for 2020? What theme did you set for this beginning of new decade? Tell me in the comment box below. 

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