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Hello, guys! It’s supposed to be another skincare tips blog post but I changed my mind today. So I decided to write this instead. I was feeling disconnected from my own self 2 days ago and I got some signs from my body that something has gone wrong. 

There are things we can change, and things which stay the same no matter what we have been doing to change it as our expectation. Those unchangeable things sometimes bother us, create worries and bring us down. Because we are human, we tend to be afraid and scared of things which are uncertain and unknown, things we haven’t done before.

But, every time you experience this kind of situation, remember this : you are fine and have been able to go through everything in the past which mostly you had not done before. Everything will seem weird and scary, but once we decide to do it, we start to know it more. Remember that you are human, you were born with natural ability to adapt. You have that amazing ability.

Even though you made mistakes, it's normal. Mistakes are part of experience. Forgive yourself for the things you did or didn't do. Let yourself free. You are now different from the person you were yesterday or the person who made mistakes 5 years ago. You are better and having more experiences. Don't let the mistakes in the past create doubt on your own power, turn them into your guide instead.

Another unchangeable thing is people around us. We can’t make everyone love us nor agree with us. Some people might support you, love you, or even hate you for some reasons. When you have been doing your best yet you still find those who hurt you by hatred, remember that hate is all about someone who sends it. If someone hates you and sends you negative comments, it’s all about himself, not you. Don’t try to change him, just keep going, being the best version of you. Like, most people love durian, they don’t mind to pay for expensive one to enjoy the best durian. For someone like me who don’t like it, even though I get the most expensive and the most delicious durian in the world for free, I can’t love it nor eat it. But, durian will never try to change itself to be liked by me or to be loved by everyone in this world. It stays to be itself for the people who love it. 

It goes similarly for you too. There are people who dislike you, but let’s focus on those who have been loving you, then appreciate them.

Even if you don’t find anyone who love you, that one person might not be visible now, because you have different projection of people who love you by certain criteria. Don’t force yourself to find that person. 

Don’t worry, you have yourself, your body. The one who has been loving you and living with you for the rest of your life. Your body will never leave you. It works hard everyday to give the best performance for you. Even though your body never says directly to you, it loves you. Even though you hate it, it loves you. Even though you don’t care about it, it loves you. It will be there working hard for you forever.

Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Set yourself free.

If you find yourself in a negative state, remember the love your body has been giving to you. I was there too, I didn’t feel good and got some negative thoughts, then my body reminded me to back to myself. Something like this popped out “Don’t worry, I’m here loving you for the rest of your life. You have me forever” from my own self, which brought me back to myself, like hey, you are right, I’m not alone, thank you for reminding me!

That this blog post came up with an intention to help at least one person who reads it. I might be bad at writing down my feelings and expressing myself through words, but I do hope this message reach and help someone out there to feel better. 

You are not alone. You are loved. You are amazing.

PS : Did anyone see last night's beautiful starry sky?

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Background photo by Bruno Martins


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