Michiteyuku by Fujii Kaze | On Repeat

Sometimes we're busy and other times things wind down or change. Change is normal and we need to appreciate the good times while they're happening. Because life happens in cycles.

Life is moving fast, and we're caught up in it. It feels like we're on the move, not standing still. And we have "the days we embrace," those days among the fast moving life when we're having meaningful relationships with people and enjoying special moments.

But then, "Inevitably, everything comes to an end", nothing lasts forever. No matter how fun or important something feels, it won't go on forever.


Remembering the meaningful relationships and the things that has come to an end feels nostalgic, they happened in the past and we've lost them now. "The sparkle once we shared" makes us remember how happy and excited we used to be. And "The butterflies we once felt" brings back the feeling of excitement and nervousness we had, like when we were falling in love or experiencing something really interesting.

But then, "We leave it all behind somewhere", those feelings and experiences are gone now. We've moved on and might've forgotten about them, whether we meant to or not.

It's okay that things change and don't last forever. It's alright for things to move on and be different. Life is always changing and we can't stop it.

When we remember the good times when we laughed and had fun together, it feels kind of sad because we wish we could always be that happy, but we know those moments won't last forever.

Like the sky changing from sunrise to sunset, life is always changing, but we can go through it. "We're gonna transcend them all," we determined to overcome any problems or changes in life, to stay positive and to believe we can handle whatever life throws at us.

Yes, "Things change, and we can do nothing about it," we can't control everything in life, so it's better to just go with the flow and "Just letting go, feeling lighter, and becoming filled". Let's find peace by letting go of things that weigh us down. When we stop holding onto things too tightly, we feel happier and more fulfilled.

We really want something, but it doesn't last long. 

"The moment we get the pleasure it's gone", pleasure doesn't stick around for long. Even though we know pleasure doesn't last, we still go after it. It's like we're always chasing after things that make us feel good, even if it's just for a little while.

Love might be one of those short-lived pleasure we're always chasing, so we start questioning what love really means. "Been misusing the word 'love,'" we've been using the word "love" without really understanding what it means. Maybe we've been mixing it up with other feelings. Does love equals admiring someone? Does it mean depending on someone else?

"Are we now aware of its true meaning?" Let's think about whether we've been seeing love as it is or if we've been getting it wrong all this time.

Perhaps we come to realize that "It's tragic to love someone just to be loved," how sad it is to only love someone because we want them to love us back. Yes, everyone craves real love and mutual feelings in relationships. 


Love can bring us comfort and make us feel better when we're feeling down or empty inside, like "Rain of blessings on our dried-out hearts." It's like a fresh start or a new beginning. Love has the power to make us feel happy and renewed, especially when we're going through difficult times.

Which exactly the real love do we crave?

Love without expecting in return. "Though I have nothing, I give you everything," It gives without expecting anything back, and that's what makes it special.

When we overthink about giving something back every time someone gives their love to us or we expect someone to give something in return for our love, it's kind of stressing us out. Isn't it tiring to love like that?

Here we need to letting go and feeling lighter. Let's drop all the things that weigh us down, including the expectations, then we can feel free, happier and more fulfilled.

That way love ties us together forever, even beyond our time here on Earth. We're all connected in a deep way, like our souls are linked forever when we realize that "We're both letting go, feeling lighter, and becoming filled".


Michiteyuku reminds me of Kaerou, Fujii Kaze's song I shared in my September On Repeat post four years ago. Both songs talk about letting go, saying that when we release things that weigh us down, we feel lighter. While Michiteyuku aims for fulfillment in life, Kaerou is about heading back home in afterlife. They're both reflective and meditative songs, which talk about human life and connectedness. With their deep lyrics and unforgettable melody, both songs are worthy of being played on repeat, which allow us to contemplate and introspect.


Michi Teyu Ku (Overflowing) by Fujii Kaze

Released: March 15, 2024

YouTube (music video with official English lyrics)


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