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Hello, I’m back!

How are you?

I don’t know what I’m going to post next in this blog after taking a month++ break, but I have decided what kind of topics I want to bring either for this blog, twitter, as well as instagram.


I still remember one quote I put on my new year vision board : set a dream, others will follow. If you set a dream, work toward it, everything will rearrange itself to match with you. Whether it comes as help or obstacles, it’s the prove that everything responds to you. Oh, okay, just a random thing that popped into my mind. Haha.


So last week, I joined a zoom webinar by GIRLS BEYOND (actually they held it for 3 days, since I had to work during Friday and Saturday, I was only able to join in on Sunday) : BEAUTY & BEYOND VOL. 1. For Sunday, we had Anugrah Pakerti (Avoskin), Lizzie Parra & Monica Christa (BLP) and Hanifa Ambadar (Female Daily Network) who shared many valuable and new things especially from their experiences in beauty industry.


The first session was "BEAUTY ENTREPRENEURSHIP 101 : 10 THINGS TO PREPARE" by Anugrah Pakerti (Avoskin Beauty). Many didn’t expect that Avoskin CEO is a male. Yet it proves that everyone can be anything in any field they love, since most of our people in East Asia or even Asia will associate certain occupation with certain gender. 

What I got from this first session :

1. You can be anything in any field you want, don’t limit yourself just because of your age, gender, background, major, or anything else.

2. You can work in beauty industry even though you didn’t take any major related to it. Avoskin CEO was first a Informatic Engineering major

3. Just do it. When you do it, everything will follow according to your action. When you don’t do anything, nothing will happen.

4. Building a business is not only about you and your brand, but the people around you and the society. You need to give positive impact to the society through your business.

5. Investing on people

6. Building strong team

7. Differences will enrich your team

8. Write your dream, make it your everyday fuel

Another thing that I got from this session is that I got new insight and view that there are still good people in the world that never give up working on their dreams for the better world, that local beauty industry has promising future since there are people who work hard and support each other.


The second session was "THE TRUTH ABOUT BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR - ESPECIALLY WITH YOUR SISTER" by Lizzie Parra and Monica Christa (BLP). It’s another insight about how if you build a business with your family (and/or your best friend). This session was more casual and fun since they share their experiences from 2 perspectives. They also shared about how to choose a business partner, important things in partnership and many more.

What I got from this session :

1. Whether you are connected by blood or anything else, in a business everything should be executed professionally.

2. Delegation can be a game changer! (the thing that I’m still resisting about – since I like doing everything all alone – asking for help is the last on my to do list lol)

3. Open communication!

4. Everything should be documented no matter with whom you work (family, friend, or new people)

5. Trust and boundaries

6. Everything will make sense in the end

7. We step into another level by facing challenges

8. The limit is only yourself, creativity is limitless

What I like from Lizzie Parra and Monica Christa is that they are such cute sisters. They talked openly about their business in fun way and I laughed a lot during this session. Starting from their childhood story, Lizzie Parra as MUA, she appointed her sister as CEO while she focuses on creative field, and then some advice to build solid team.


The last session was "SO YOU HAVE A VISION, NOW WHAT?" by Hanifa Ambadar (Female Daily Network). The schedule should be 90 mins long but it got super fun so when we realized we had spent almost 2 hours. Here we had Hanifa Ambadar shared her own journey building Female Daily Network, what she did to realize her dreams from nothing to something as big as FD now. She even shared her methods (and her favorite quotes) to build her business.

What I got from this session :

1. Don’t underestimate your dream, sereceh apapun itu (I’m sorry I don’t know the suitable translation for receh XDD)

2. God created us, human, with a purpose. Everyone has their own purpose in this world.

3. Dream – Vision – Goal

4. Saying no is important to minimalize distractions

5. Surround yourself with anything related to your dreams, so that you are reminded of it everyday

6. You know what’s best for you, people around you or your mentor will help you on a bigger view, the decision is still on you.

7. Show yourself, let other people know you and your business

8. Everyday you make progress even though you can’t see it

9. Don’t dwell on failure for too long

10. Dreams should scare you and you can’t see where the finish line is


It was a super fun Sunday with 3 valuable webinar sessions. I’m excited for the next BEAUTY&BEYOND event. This event is how life showing me that I’m not alone. I put something related to beauty industry on my 2020 vision board, then universe sent this event for me. It shows me that there are more good people in this world that are willing to help each other to build a strong local industry, to empower and to lift each other. We never know what happened behind a brand until they share their experiences, we then feel that we are all human. We have fears, doubt, and challenges. We are all the same, we start from nothing with anything we have, we can’t know what lies ahead, what opportunities available, what it all will be like in the end. We never know it until we jump into it. Someone said “you can’t go backward, you can only go forward” this morning. Yeah. Another positive message I got early today. 

I can't remember which session this was from. But I really like it : When we have faced several challenges, we can then connect the dots and we are able to understand what they all mean for our growth.


I hope this post will help anyone who visits this blog. Even though it’s only a word or sentence, sometimes a simple thing can be a life changer. See you on the next blog post. Keep living, keep loving, everything will be gucci in the end.


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