Let's Create : Vision Board 2020

Hello! New year is about to come. Have you set your dreams for 2020? How do you welcome 2020 in order to elevate your life to be better? For me, I either use journal and vision board to list my dreams and goals so that I know which ones I need to focus on. This time, I’m going to show you how I create my simple vision board for the year of 2020. I don’t have set rules to make my vision board so it would be different each year depends on what currently inside my mind.

For 2020, I want to focus more on the root or meaning of the things I’m going to do. The years before I put my focus in physical things which makes me realize that I was about to forget the meaning of it, I didn’t enjoy the process because I’m too goal oriented. But, it doesn’t mean that kind of vision board is wrong. There is no mistakes in creating your own vision board. As long as you are empowered and motivated, anything can be in it. 

It’s not about creating instagrammable stuff but deeper than that. For me, Vision board is about anything you want to put your energy and focus on, the things which lead you and pull you back into the right path when you get distracted during the journey. It’s one of the tools you can come back to when you feel clueless and getting lost.

Things you have to  put on your vision board :
Anything (you can use clips from magazine, newspaper, brochure, or you can make your own by drawing or taking photos) which speaks most to your dreams and goals for the year

Materials you can use for vision board :
Anything (you can use the real white board, wire mesh screen/wire memo board, wood board, art paper, or any wide paper you like). You don't have to buy expensive stuff for creating vision board. For me, it's easier for me to use available stuff in my home.

Things you may need :
Paper clips
Adhesive tape
Colored papers
Colored pens

Other option is vision board in online or digital version which makes it easier and less paper, but as I want to see my vision board right after waking up everyday, I made a physical one to put on my wall. You can also browse for online vision board maker too to make it quicker.

This year I made the quote myself on my computer and browsed for some pictures then printed them out

I reuse A3 art paper available in my room (it’s actually from my 2019 wall calendar) to put all the clips. I planned to buy wire memo board to make it reusable, but I’m going to move around 2020-2021, so I try to not add new stuff  in my room.

Yeah. This is it! My vision board 2020 is ready (some of the pics were removed due to privacy) 

I arrange them as I want to, there is nothing called ugly when creating your own life motivator. As long as it motivates and pushes you toward your goals, it's enough. You may add more clips / photos into your vision board later. You can change it as you want in the middle of your journey. Vision board is personal, there is no rules. Even if there are set rules, nobody will blame you for creating the different one for yourself, right? It's like your life, you have so much freedom you need to build and paint it as your preferences.

Don't be afraid. You are going to make all of your dreams come true. Leave all the judgement, focus on the goals and keep moving forward.

So, that’s my simple and easy 2020 vision board. How about yours? Do you use other techniques to create your vision board? Share yours in the comment box below. 

All photos by lailiving


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