What is Happiness?

We want to be happy. We work hard to reach a point called happiness. We are looking for where the happiness is. We set our dream to be the happiest person. We want to live happily ever after just like our favorite fairy tales. We even write happiness as our number one life goal.

But, do we really understand what happiness means for us?

Does happiness mean fashion brand we wear? The number of skincare products we’ve tried? Glowing and flawless skin? Ideal body which matches beauty standard? Our husband? Our wife? Certain amount of money? Our instagram followers? Popularity? The place we are working at? The house we live in? People who love us? People’s recognition?

When we get those things, will we be happy? Or it will make us pursue something bigger so we suspend our happiness for that bigger thing? 

Do we think that life is for struggling and suffering?

Do we believe that life only gives us difficulties?

Because we are not happy, others have no rights for happiness. Are we thinking that way?

Does happiness only come in the end of the chapter?

Does happiness only possible after facing sadness and disappointment?

Is “without sadness we can’t know happiness” right?

Were we born to suffer?

We hurt each other because we want to achieve different happiness.

Are we destined to hurt in order to not get hurt by others?

Are we really that powerless that we can’t choose anything?

Do we really look for happiness? Or it’s only our ego to have material things in this lifetime?

Will we be really happy when we have those things we believe as the source of happiness?

Does happiness really exist?

Is it necessary to be happy?

Does being happy make us feeling happy?

Does wanting to be happy mean we are not happy now?

Are you happy?

What does happiness mean for you?

Title picture by lailiving, photo by Lachlan Gowen


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