Whispers of Life: A Poem

Whispers of Life

by: lailiving

In the quiet realm where shadows play

A tender cry begins its sway

Through moonlit nights and sunlit days

A tapestry of joy and disarray

Amidst this dance, connections weave

Whispers of hopes, the heart does grieve

In gardens where expectations bloom

A mother tends to dreams and doom

Guided by stars, both near and far

Echoes linger, like a distant spar

Yet within this cosmic, tender space

A guardian crafts her own embrace

Whispers linger, a breeze so light

Caress the worries, dispel the night

In the canvas of bonds that intertwine

Beneath the sky a mother paints

As stars align in cosmic art

The tender cry, a beating heart

Within this tale of joy and strife

A guardian shapes her world with life


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