Written in the Stars : An Astrology Inspired Reading Challenge

Are you up for a reading challenge that's tailored to your astrological placement? The Written in the Stars Reading Challenge is here to get you pumped about books based on your sun, moon, and rising signs. Whether you're into physical books, audiobooks, or ebooks, it's all good, you do you.  And remember, this challenge isn't about being an astrology expert, it's just a fun way to get you into reading. 

Happy reading, fellow cosmic adventurers! 



■ Pick your signs: First things first, choose any astrological signs or placements you want to focus on. It could be your own sun, moon, or rising sign, or even someone else's. Go wild and pick as many as you like! If you're not sure what your signs are, you can check out websites like cafeastrology to find out your astrology placements and natal chart.

■Set your reading deadline: Figure out when you want to finish the challenge. Whether it's weekly, monthly, or by the end of the season, pick a timeline that works for you. This way, you can make sure you're not rushing through the books and actually enjoying the journey.

■Match prompts with books: Now, take the prompts linked to the signs you picked and find books in your collection that fit. Mix it up with different genres, authors, and themes to make your reading list super interesting. 

■Get your squad involved: Spread the word and invite your friends to join the Written in the Stars Reading Challenge with you. Share this blog post on your social media or directly with your buddies, and get ready for some awesome bookish discussions and recommendations.

■Share your progress: Post your updates, thoughts, and book reviews on social media. Use the hashtag #WrittenintheStarsRC to connect with other participants. And don't forget to tag @shainalite on Instagram/Twitter/Threads so I can see all your awesome progress!

■Ask away: Got questions or need some help? Drop a comment below the blog post, and either the author or other participants will jump in to assist you. Let's make this challenge an awesome experience for everyone involved!



A. Rising Signs / Ascendant

■Aries Ascendant: Read a book with a vibrant cover, or fiery colors on the cover.

■Taurus Ascendant: Choose a book with a luxurious cover or earthy tones.

■Gemini Ascendant: Select a book that makes you curious by looking at its cover.

■Cancer Ascendant: Pick a book with a cover that has comforting or nostalgic vibe.

■Leo Ascendant: Choose a book with an attention-grabbing cover.

■Virgo Ascendant: Read a book with a clean or minimalist cover design.

■Libra Ascendant: Select a book with soft colors on its cover.

■Scorpio Ascendant: Pick a book with a cover that looks mysterious, or has black cover.

■Sagittarius Ascendant: Choose a book with a cover with cheerful colors.

■Capricorn Ascendant: Read a book with a cover that reflects a sense of professionalism or elegance.

■Aquarius Ascendant: Select a book with a cover that features unique design elements or futuristic aesthetics.

■Pisces Ascendant: Pick a book with a cover that has ethereal illustrations or a sense of magic.


B. Sun Signs

◉Aries Sun: Read a book which has "adventure," "fire," or "warrior" on the title.

◉Taurus Sun: Choose the most expensive book from your TBR.

◉Gemini Sun: Select a book less than 200 pages.

◉Cancer Sun: Pick a book published in your birth year.

◉Leo Sun: Choose a book has been popular and talked by everyone around you.

◉Virgo Sun: Read a book which is loved by people for author's well-research and details.

◉Libra Sun: Select a book that might be your five star read.

◉Scorpio Sun: Pick a book with a title that includes words like "mystery," "secrets," or "death".

◉Sagittarius Sun: Choose a book originally written in a foreign language.

◉Capricorn Sun: Read a book by a professional or expert on the topics it talks.

◉Aquarius Sun: Select a book that was released after 2020.

◉Pisces Sun: Pick a book known for its poetic or introspective writing style.


C. Moon Signs

◉Aries Moon: Read a book featuring an adventure or battle.

◉Taurus Moon: Choose a book set in a cozy town or countryside.

◉Gemini Moon: Read a collection of short stories.

◉Cancer Moon: Pick a heartwarming book.

◉Leo Moon: Read a book about creativity or featuring an artist.

◉Virgo Moon: Choose a book about personal growth or self-improvement.

◉Libra Moon: Select a romance book.

◉Scorpio Moon: Pick a thriller or a book with mysterious characters.

◉Sagittarius Moon: Read a memoir or a book set in other country.

◉Capricorn Moon: Read a book with an office worker or entrepreneur as main character.

◉Aquarius Moon: Select a dystopian novel or a book about social issues.

◉Pisces Moon: Pick a book about religion or spirituality.


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