Weekly Message : You Are A Wizard

Hello, my loves! How are you? It’s Aries season, which means it’s the beginning of a new cycle. As I mentioned in the April monthly message, it’s time to update your life by downloading the new ones that are serving the current you and releasing the old that is no longer relevant. So, what updates do you want to download this time?

Recently, I’m continuing the book by Jon Kabbat-Zin : Wherever You Go, There You Are that is supposed to be March reading, but then I re-read The Power of Now for the whole month. Since it’s been paused, I started all over again because I love this book and I want to deepen my understanding about mindfulness. So, there is one chapter that talked about fairy tales and magical stories. You can find the characters like prince, princess, king, queen, knight, wizard, witch, fairies, beast, and many more magical creatures. This book states that those characters and creatures represent our psyche, the sides of ourselves that mostly we are not aware of. We have the princess, the queen, the king, the prince, the knight, the wizard, anything inside ourselves. You have all of that inside you. There might be also the big ugly frog that needs your kiss to turn it back into a prince. You have the power to choose which ones you want to be. 

The reason why we as kids really resonated with this kind of magical stories is because we are naturally magical and as kids we haven’t absorbed too much limiting beliefs from our surroundings. We then grow up thinking and believing that that kind of story is not real, it’s silly to still like magical stories. But, let me tell you one secret. You are what you believe to be true.

If I could choose one character that might suit us all, it will be wizard. Yeah, we are all wizards of our life. You are a wizard, even though you don’t realize it. Your body has the ability to heal by itself. Your cells work following your orders. Universe always responds to you, it always says yes to your words, your feelings, your beliefs. We have the most powerful spell in this world which is the words we speak to ourselves.

My most favorite spells are “Miracles happen in the unknown” and “Everything will absolutely be okay!”. What are yours?

Everything corresponds to you. They work in alignment with your magic. When you believe that bad things always happen, it really does. When you constantly say that you can’t understand yourself, it becomes more as you say. When you believe that you can face anything coming for you, you absolutely can! When you repeatedly say you are capable of anything, you are!

There are days where you might feel negative feelings or think negative thoughts then you beat yourself up for that. There must be a reason why those feelings or thoughts come in, you don’t have to know it all now. It’s not about deceiving yourself. It’s about being honest to yourself. All you need to do is be clear that you have those negative thoughts or feelings and you don't know what to do, and release the resistance towards it. Don’t be afraid, having negative feelings doesn’t make your day negative unless you feed into it unconsciously. Consciousness is way more than negative feelings and thoughts. Jon Kabbat-Zin says it is like a big pot, a big magic pot where all your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs can be placed there. 

So, you are a powerful wizard with a big magic pot and the most powerful spell in this world. Then, what do you want to do? Are you planning to continue creating the same things in your life? Or are you planning to try something else? It’s really up to you, you are free to choose. Anything you choose is right for you and it surely has something to learn that grows you.

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