Weekly Message : Kiss That Big Ugly Frog

kiss that frog

Hello, my loves! Welcome back to another weekly message. 

So, yeah, I've been writing a story for my private project. I'm excited for it! So I forgot that it's already Sunday, haha. Time runs too fast, or it's the sign that I'm getting older? I got advice from someone to do something like a private project in order to direct my thoughts and feelings to the right place. She said that it can reduce stress and avoid the unnecessary things that might result between May - June. I don't know what would happen, I feel I'm going to be okay during that time, but I'm doing that advice for fun anyway. It's fun to write a story, a magical one. You can do this too when you feel like having too many things inside your head. It’s important to direct your energy into something else creatively, because it’s not meant to get stuck inside. That’s the message I got from today’s card that I shared on my twitter account and my youtube channel here : #LearnWithMe | Day7 : Arrow (矢)

Well, okay, as I said last week that you are a wizard. We are all wizards with a big magic pot and the most powerful spell in the world. We are all having that magical side inside, it depends on ourselves whether or not we let them be part of us. 

Not only wizards, we have a big ugly frog as a part of ourselves too. That frog that we always avoid and hate because it's too ugly to be there. We don’t want to admit it that we have that part, because we never want to be like that. But, you need to remember that the ugly frog was once a handsome prince. He turned into a frog because of a spell. In another version, he turned into a frog because of his bad attitude. In Russian fairy tales, it's not a prince but a princess. But, whatever the cause is, whoever turns into the frog, the frog represents something inside us, the shadow that we have avoided. The shadow that needs us to love and accept to let it transform.

But what we have been doing is avoiding that shadow, but we unconsciously react and do things that are rooted on that shadow. We hate it so much that we are not aware that we do the things under its control. You have your own self that is easily getting angry, but you do it over and over again. You hate it, yet you are unaware that you’re trapped inside your own shadow because of your hate.

You don’t need to hate something to make changes. You don’t need to speak in loud voice using harsh words to make peace in this world. You don’t need to kill someone to erase the evil. You don’t need to hate yourself when you want to transform yourself. See it as a 3 year old kid who made a mistake, you get angry to that kid, he might stop making the mistakes, but you have planted a seed inside that kid to get angry at any mistakes he made. He might be scared to try new things, he might hate other people who made similar mistakes, or he might live his live hating himself for one mistake he made during childhood.

We were born as an innocent and pure human being until we absorb everything around us, the knowledge, the value, the habits, the rules, everything, both consciously and unconsciously. Those might be the spell we are currently under. Those have turned the prince or the princess side of us into that big ugly frog. That we have no reasons to love it, we hate ourselves, we feel ashamed of that frog part inside us. 

How can we love something ugly like that? If we know that it only needs love and acceptance, that it's originally a prince or princess, will we still hate him? Then whom should be blamed? The spell? The witch? The prince's carelessness? No one!

There is nobody to be blamed. Love doesn't need hate. In order to love, we don't need to hate anybody else. Yes. Once you are a handsome prince, then you're under an evil spell that turned you into a frog for years. These past years is a journey to find love from a princess that is yourself. You are that "true love". You are the princess that will break that evil spell. That frog knows that's why he never leaves you. He has been waiting for you

Your ugly frog part of you only needs your love and acceptance. Let it be there as it is without trying to change it into a handsome prince (you’ll be disappointed if he can’t be as handsome as your favorite boyband’s member). Don’t ever say that he is a handsome frog when you don’t think so. Just let it him be there without judging him more.

Everything has happened. The frog has learned. Beyond his ugly appearance, he still is a prince. He is even better than he was. You are the only one who can love him more than anyone else, because deep inside you understand him, you know what he needs, you know that you loved him before like everyone did back then. 

Kiss that big ugly frog with love and acceptance, that's the only way to break the spell. Even if it needs 10 years more to turn him into a prince, it's not a problem because you have decided to love him again beyond his past mistakes or his current appearance. 

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