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Hello, my loves! I’m surprised that today -when I wrote this blog post- is the last day of March. I thought it’s still one more week lol. So, as I tweeted before, I decided to use something different to decide my monthly theme. The first 3 monthly themes were coming into my head when I did my routines, and those words kept repeating themselves that I needed to write them as monthly themes. This time, I used my own card to decide. It’s actually the deck I use to learn kanji, haha. I will talk about this special deck that is named Rara Card (inspired by Clow Card and Sakura Card - from Cardcaptor Sakura series) since I’m the one who created it. 

So, I got Flower, Wind, and Through. Those 3 are originally from Clow Card deck. An image that appeared after getting these cards was sakura petals getting flown away by the wind, yeah, it's spring (in the northern hemisphere). I couldn’t get one word to describe this, that I couldn’t write this blog post until today. The word “update” popped into my head as I read a tweet about Mars in Aquarius even though they didn’t have any “update” in it. You can check my retweets in my twitter account. Then I got my Google Docs to pour anything inside my head. 

So, update means UPDATE. Downloading the new features and releasing the old ones. It needs time, so you can take a nap while it’s completing itself. What can we do to update ourselves? It’s taking action courageously!

Here are 3 ways you can do to update your life :

1. Break the rules

The rules mean your own rules, everything you have agreed to part of your life. You have lived for years and created so many rules for yourself. You created limitations and beliefs that are your rules, that rule your life. Question the rules you have made. Probably you made it because you were asked by your parents, or you made it because your friends set that rules too, or you made it because of your fears. Any reasons you have for creating those rules doesn’t matter, just question it. Question the rules. Are they really relevant for the current you? Are they still serving the best for you? If not, then it’s time to break it. You created it, you are the one who is able to break it. Break the rules, be thankful for them serving you for years, and replace them with the new ones. By consciously doing that, you will then get different results, your life will change.

2. Show yourself

One song that keeps repeating itself during March is Show Yourself from Frozen 2. Even though I loved listening to this one, one thing that I realized having a deep meaning for me is “You are the one you've been waiting for”. I’ve been waiting for myself, not anyone else. I’m the one who will change my own life. 
Once you break the rules you have made and agreed, you are able to show yourself. Throw away the mask you’ve been wearing, stand courageously, open that door you have locked and know that nobody was born the same. Show yourself, recognize your fears, be friends with it, go with it.

3. Step into the unknown

Do something different. As I posted in the last weekly message of March, you don’t need to do big things to change your life. Small things will compound, gradually your life will change. If you have been living for 20 years with the same beliefs and habits, and you think your life is always the same, it’s time to step into the unknown. The unknown and the unfamiliar are where the miracles can only happen. Miracles are not things that you can predict, because you have never done it before. It’s normal when you feel scared. Fear is just the reaction when your ego feels being threatened by the unknown. It always wants to protect you and make sure everything is under control. You have been living this way for so long. Me too. I was someone who loves everything going as my plans, I disliked the unexpected. But, this powerful mantra “Miracles only happen in the unknown” has changed my life. I see the unexpected, the unfamiliar and the uncertain as opportunities to see more miracles. So, how about trying to step into the unknown happily for once? 

Yeah! So, this time, try to push that update button, and see what happens next. You don’t have to keep your eyes on it every time, leave it updating, believe the divine timing.

I hope you enjoy this monthly message for April, see you on the next monthly message. Keep living, keep loving, and peace. 

Oh, also, happy birthday to everyone whose birthday is in April! May your days ahead be wonderful.

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