Weekly Message : We Are Reflections For Each Other

Anything you see from me, good or bad, is actually the thing that you have within.

Hello, my loves! Welcome back to another weekly message section. Yay! I’m thankful for these 2 weeks views that surpassed my average monthly views. You are amazing! Also, my laptop is back to its normal state, I can use the keyboard normally. 

One day, when I scrolled into twitter, I saw pictures of my favorite celebrity, then I paused for a while appreciating the moment that I got to know such an inspirational human being. Then I heard something like “Everyone is connected. You are them, they are you.”

Everyone is connected. We are reflections of each other. We reflect each others’ traits to help each other. Like what I said in my previous post, everything depends on our beliefs and perceptions. The way we perceive life determines what comes to us. When you perceive someone who doesn’t do anything as a certain person, it might be you having the traits that you just perceived from that person. It doesn’t mean that you are a bad person when you see other people as bad, but it’s important to know what things that you think makes them bad and see it inside yourself. 

Like what I told in my Audioblog Everything Doesn’t Happen To Me (that I don’t share on the actual blog post), I perceived someone that said rude words to me as a rude person. In an unconscious state, I reacted to that rudeness. That resulted in more rude words coming out from him. I then remembered that on that day, I said negative words as my unconscious reactions to my laptop that crashed. I regretted and judged myself after saying such words. I judged myself as someone unconscious, and that is bad. I had not forgiven myself and instead, I replayed that scene in my mind. So then, this “rude guy” came for me, to wake me up, to forgive myself. Even though it’s a bit weird, after I realized that, I forgive myself, I forgive him, I forgive everything, then my laptop came back to normal the next day. 

As I mentioned in Weekly Message : Help and Weekly Message : Connect, that I ever disliked someone for his personality that I perceived as something bad. It’s simply because I had that aspect inside of me that I repressed because I disliked it, because people around me told me to do that. Once I realized that he just reflected what I had inside, I forgive myself, I forgive him, I forgive everyone and everything that has happened. I’m no longer seeing him as that kind of bad person. Instead, he is now an inspiration for me. I’m thankful I got to know him so that I could heal some aspects of myself.

Reflection is one of countless ways of God loving you. You have asked for guidance and protection, then you get what you’ve asked for. Sometimes you don’t understand why the thing that you perceive as negative coming to you. It’s not coming to you. It’s coming for you. God brings that for you to guide you. You then learn and grow. 

Reflection is not a punishment. It’s back to your belief and perception at first place. If you perceive it as a punishment then you get angry at God, it is just what it is. Reflection is a way to learn and to know ourselves more. We have gone through pain, sadness and many things up until this day. Those things are being piled up, most of them create our beliefs, create an identity that we think that’s who we really are. By consciously knowing that everyone is a reflection of ourselves, we then take steps to learn and accept them and ourselves without judging or sticking certain labels into it. Judging doesn’t change anything. If you want to change your life, don’t try to change people or situation, change yourself. 

I’m still learning this reflection thing. But I do believe that as I get through things, I get better and better. You too. You might find good people you appreciate and admire, those traits are actually within you. It’s needed to come out. You have the seed inside you, you just have to nurture it to make it grow. The other day, you might find people that make you uncomfortable, that uncomfortable feeling is the fuel to move you to look deeper into yourself. When you look closer to those people, you will find that there is nobody to blame. You might need to forgive yourself for everything you have done, you might need to change your perception, you might need to see everything from a different view. Those people that make you uncomfortable have been brought by God for you, to help you. 

It might not be as easy as it’s said, but at the end of the day, you will be grateful for everyone that has come into your life. Without them, you might not reach this point, you might not experience certain events, you might not get a better understanding about yourself, you might not learn much, you might not be able to help other people that experience similar situations. 

Just like a mirror, whatever reflections you see, it is what it is, don’t try to change it. You can’t change the reflection, you can’t change the mirror, you only can change yourself. 

Okay, I hope you enjoy this week’s post. I hope you get some messages you need. Please feel free to share this blog so that anyone who needs it can get some help. I wish you a wonderful week ahead, see you on the next post. Keep living, keep loving, and peace!

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