Weekly Message : Let’s Jump Into The Unknown

Hello, my loves! Welcome back to another weekly message post, yay! Honestly I don’t know what to talk about in this weekly post, there is no specific message I want to share here, so I will share anything that pops into my head right now, then I will just adjust the title based on the content, haha. 

Astrologically, now Saturn is in Aquarius and the new cycle has begun as the Sun moves into Aries on March 20. For me, it’s about change. We want to change our old habits, old patterns and our old selves that are no longer suitable for us. We have lived with those old things and we have seen the results for many many years. It’s time to change them. We don’t know what it would be like, but I believe it would be different from the “certain” or the “familiar” events that we used to encounter. 

You have been living by the same habits, waking up on the same side of bed, doing the same routine, complaining about the same things, scrolling to the same controversial article on the internet, or arguing over the same things. You have seen the results over and over again, making you trapped inside the same old cycle.

How about changing them? 

I don’t ask you to change all of your habits drastically. Start by doing your task differently, by seeing the things around you from different perspectives, or by doing something new everyday.

Sometimes, the universe wants us to change the old by sending us signs like conflicts, problems, or certain circumstances that require us to move and take different approaches. But, mostly we don’t see it as signs, instead we react to them in the same way, repeating the same pattern.

Someone said that action is power. You have the power in your action. You take an action to change something in your life, and your life will be changed. 

A tweet by my favorite Marie Forleo mentioned something similar : Knowing something doesn’t change your life. Doing something does.

Yes, sometimes the different, the uncertain, or the unknown is scary, so that we hold ourselves back to make changes. But, I have one secret that really works in my life that pushes me to make changes. It’s like a mantra for myself : Miracles only happen in the unknown. I repeat that sentence every time I do something different or when my ego wants me to stop because it’s scary. Miracles don’t happen in the familiar circumstances, because you have known it all. You know the results because you have done it for years. 

When you jump into the unknown, doing something different, you don’t know the results, you are scared what would happen to you, but that’s where the miracles come. We never know what would happen when we do something differently. Are you scared? Are you excited? Surprises can be both exciting and scary, but by stepping into the unknown, you have opened the doors for miracles. 

Like, what I did when I wrote this post. I jumped into the unknown, I didn’t know what to write, and I didn’t have anything to share. I didn’t know how long it would be. But, as I typed the words, the things that I didn’t expect came in, and I just transferred them all into this post. That’s the miracle. Or when I did the Virgo Super Moon Message in my Youtube channel before writing the actual blog post, I just wrote the points I wanted to say, then I turned on the recorder and said what’s coming. 

You don’t have to start a blog or youtube channel like me to make changes in your life. Just start doing something different in your routine that you can do right now, like cooking more healthy foods, saying thank you to everyone who helps you, unfollowing controversial accounts, or by starting a simple skincare routine. Things that you have never done before, that you don’t know the results by doing it every single day in your life. 

By wearing sunscreen every single day, you have taken steps to protect your skin from UV damage, early aging, and even skin cancer. By choosing more healthy foods in your daily life, you help your body to work in its best state. By saying “thank you”, you show your appreciation and love for other people and also change the current situation to be more friendly. 

When you are able to do it consistently, you then build a new habit. You build your own self-confidence by keeping the promises for yourself. Then you can do other new different things later. Small things that are done every single day will compound, build a new identity and a new lifestyle. We then change our lives gradually.

I believe that as you do it every single day, your life will be changed. You are a different person that has taken steps bravely into the unknown. So, what is one different thing that you do today?

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