Virgo Supermoon Message

Hello, my loves! How are you? We are stepping into the 2nd week of March, yay! This week we will have a full moon which is the Supermoon in Virgo and Mercury (the ruler of Virgo) stations direct in Aquarius. I want to send a message that popped into my head last night about this full moon (which I usually don’t do in any other planetary events), before posting any blog post about it.  So the blog post and the audioblog version will be a bit different! Yay! I have stepped into the unknown.

Even though it’s the message I got from the upcoming Virgo Supermoon, it's timeless. Whenever you find this, it’s meant for you.

What I got last night about this virgo supermoon is looking deeper, getting clarity, ending the unhealthy habits in any area of our lives, and appreciating our work. 

For me, full moon is about ending and illumination. Some aspects in our lives, that we didn’t recognize before, might be illuminated. So that we can get clarity from that, especially during this time Mercury is stationing direct in Aquarius. We might get clearer picture about what happened that might have clouded during retrograde in the sign of Pisces. 

Virgo is about details, habits, and healing. We might need to look deeper into our daily habits. We might get clarity about some of them that are needed to let go. I got signs through my digestive system and throat that I need to cut some food (and I just remembered that Virgo is related to digestive system). Throat is related to Taurus, it’s also interesting since Venus and Uranus come into conjunction in this sign. 

The big energy in the sky is dominated by 3 earth signs (Virgo - full moon , Capricorn - Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, Saturn, and Taurus - Venus, Uranus) that deliver a message to us to be practical. Earth is about practicality. When we recognize what’s no longer serving us for the better, we take practical steps to let it go. It might be small habits like eating habits. You might need to cut sugar from your daily food intake, and replace them with more fruits and veggies. You need to be mindful of the things you put into your body. Enjoy every meal with full consciousness, without distractions of any social media or television. 

With the recent happening in the world now, media holds a huge impact on us, especially spreading fear faster and wider than the disease itself. We have to be mindful of the media we are consuming. You don’t have to stop watching television, avoiding social media or not reading the news, but you have to be conscious of what they present to you. Fake news has a more powerful ability to spread than the official statements. So what happens is the fear being the focus of the mass. People start buying certain stuff in bulk because of fears, then other people see it as business opportunities to sell that stuff in way higher price. 

When you find certain media constantly spreads fears, just cut ourselves from that media for a while. We won’t die when we don’t read group chats that constantly share fake news and gossips. When certain messages are meant to be heard by us, it will come in the right time. We don’t need to know it all at the same time. When you find those kind of triggering posts or fake news, don’t react to it, don’t share, don’t comment, don’t do anything so that the post won’t be shared. You can report the post to be banned especially if it’s from social media.

Everything you face in outer reality, in this earth, is a reflection of your inside world. You may have all the drugs and tools from all over the world, but having them with fear will not solve the problem. Yes, you have to balance it out. It’s full moon that will happen on March 10, that is 8 universal day, it brings the vibe of balance. We have to balance between our physical and spiritual world. We do the work by choosing healthy foods, doing exercise, cleaning the house, and doing the necessary steps to prevent the infection, and also we do the inside work by knowing our fears, recognizing our thought pattern and emotions by being in the present moment.

Any health condition you have now doesn’t define who you are. Please remember that you are way more than your outer situation. Disease comes as a sign that your body needs your attention because it is not in a balanced state. Like acne or pimple, like what I’m currently having now, when it’s placed in certain areas, it represents certain body parts that are not in balanced condition. In my case, it’s my digestive system. It brings the message that I need to watch what I consume everyday. Some of you might be in different conditions with different diseases, one thing that you can do every single day (along with doing what’s your doctor told you) is being grateful for your body for reminding you to take a break and to pause yourself from your busy routines, for always loving you and for making sure you are alive. 

This Virgo Supermoon brings the message of hope. We are required to analyze, to choose, to end, to start and to balance our lives. Do the necessary things you can do, appreciate the work you have done, and don’t forget to look around, to love your environment and people around you. By emitting the love vibe, you take the steps to reduce the fear which has been taking part in this Earth. Love and fear can’t exist at the same time.

Lastly, I want to say that you are powerful and amazing, everything is possible when you believe in what you do everyday. Your body is smart and strong, it will do anything to keep its balanced state. Even if you are alone believing that healing is possible, it’s really possible. So, don’t stop believing. 

Okay, so, I think I have said all the things that popped into my head, even though it seems messy and unorganized, I hope you can pick some messages you need from this post. Wish you a wonderful March. See you in the next random message. Keep living, keep loving, and peace.

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