Monthly Message : Peace

We have already had the peace we are longing for within us, but mostly we avoid it by looking for it outside. 

Hi, beautiful people! Welcome back to our beloved monthly message section. Yay! We are welcoming March! How’s your February? Was it felt like your actual new year compared to January? Haha. My image of February is always softer and more friendly than January. Then March is softer than February and has both a creative and spiritual side in the first half of the month, and initiation and fire in the last half of the month. So, I decided my March theme is Peace.

It’s actually the continuation from Freedom and Destiny and the weekly messages I’ve posted before. We are currently in the retrograde phase that started on February 16. Mercury will go direct on March 10, but the shadow period will last until the end of the month. Retrograde for me means looking inward, allowing myself to be more peaceful. We don’t need to be in go-go-go mode all the time, we need time to slow down and evaluate what’s working and what’s needed to let go. Then we can continue the last half of the month by peacefully taking action or starting something new.

One thing that I realized being the pattern of peaceful state disruption is conflict. It’s when things go beyond our control, outside our expectation. Humans tend to control every single thing and expect it to be the same as the plans. It’s the ego working to make sure we are in safe and protected condition. Ego wants us to survive by urging us to see whether or not everything has been checked and under our control. Ego makes us love the certainty and familiar condition. It’s ego’s job. But, when we only listen to our ego, that’s when peace is being an inactive part of ourselves. The peace is there, but it’s being piled up by auto-pilot reactions. It’s in hibernate mode when you react to things on auto-pilot. 

The key is to be conscious.

Our busy routines and bunch of work to do sometimes make us forget our voice. The tiny voice inside that needs to be heard. It gives you so much clue to find peace within you. It might want you to take a rest, to sleep earlier, or to just sit down with yourself. Sometimes I feel like that tiny voice sounds so cute like “hey, I have something to talk, can you pause for minutes?”. It’s so cute that I’m like okay, what you need to talk about.

Having a conversation with myself gives me more insight to what currently I feel and think, without denying it. It also sometimes brings some inspiration and ideas. It’s still a part of learning I need to do, to observe my thoughts and feelings without judging it. I sometimes feel like having to erase those negative thoughts and emotions. It sometimes happens in auto-pilot mode. I want to immediately escape from negativity. 

By escaping from those unwanted conditions, I will make it piled up as unfinished stuff. That unfinished pile will be taller and taller and will manifest in our outer world. It will appear again and again and again until we are aware of their existence that needs to be faced. Yes. finish your business. With love. Peacefully. Be thankful for them coming into your life. They have come for you, not to you. 

When you are aware of what’s no longer serving you for the good, you can take steps to let go, so you can make room for what’s suitable for you now. By letting go, you make room and the energy will not get stuck in one place. Then you find peace within.

Peace is something that I’m still learning about. I need to be in peace with myself more, so no matter what happens in my outside world, it won’t affect me anymore. Because what really matters is the inside world. Like, when my laptop crashed awhile ago while I was typing. I felt sad. Then I was like, why am I sad? What’s wrong now? My ego then replied that I have planned to do it today, this laptop just prevented me to be productive. Then it started to blame the situation. Yeah. This conversation often happens.

It sometimes makes me sad that I unconsciously react to something unexpected by saying pessimistic words. But, by realizing that, I shine a light to my unconscious reaction and my regret at the same time. They then no longer exist. Unconsciousness doesn’t exist in the conscious. Then I can accept it and allow myself to feel the peace.

When you are able find peace within you, your outside world will follow. You don’t need to look for peace somewhere else, it’s already within yourself. You just have to allow and embrace the peaceful side of you to be you.

When you are able to feel peace from within, then you are able to see that peace without. Peace is not an impossible thing for us to experience. “The world still madly wants peace” still resounds inside my mind. The world needs peace. Peace can’t be obtained by hurting each other, by killing each other, by making each other fall down or by being the number one in the world, or by getting mad, blaming or arguing. Peace is naturally part of us. By consciously choosing to respond, the peace you are longing for will be reflected in your outside world.

Listen to that tiny voice. You have that peace. Allow it to be part of yourself. Allow yourself to feel that peace. 

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