Weekly Message : Everything Doesn't Happen To Me

Hello, beautiful people!

I changed the title format of weekly message from one word into any words I want to put there. Because I love changes. Haha. if it’s confusing for you, I hope that confusion will soon go away. I might come back to the old format or another different format. Let’s see.

Okay, as I mentioned a bit in the Monthly Message for March that things don’t happen to you. Things do happen for you.


When I decided to shift the perspective from “things happen to me” into “things happen FOR me”, I then am able to leave that victim state that I’ve been living in for years. 

“Things happen to me” brings more reactions like “why me?”. This places you in the victim's place where you are powerless. You then believe that you are incapable of taking charge of your own life when something “bad” happens. You then blame other people or your surroundings or your tools for the things happening TO you. 

When you choose “things happen for me”, you then realize that everything has its purpose in your learning and growing journey in this life. It might not be as easy as it’s said but it’s possible. “Things happen for me” brings the meaning that you are so special for receiving this. Universe has done the work for bringing it for you. FOR you. Not for me. Not for your friends. When you realize that, you will feel thankful for everything that happens in your life whether it’s “good” or “bad”. You are no longer blaming anyone or anything for that situation. You are able to see everything from a neutral place. 

The things that you used to see as “bad” might be no longer that bad when you observe it more. Bad and good are just labels. We put labels based on our beliefs. We put labels on everything and everyone based on our past experiences. That’s not a bad thing too. The most important thing is you being aware of what it is that you put labels on. Because, sometimes when we have put labels on everything around us on auto-pilot based on past experiences or beliefs, we tend to avoid the things that are labeled “bad” “negative” “uncomfortable” “unpleasant”, etc when in actuality it needs you to finish it.

Because it happens for me, there must be a message it brings for me.

I don’t say that you have to take off any labels you have believed as “bad” but it’s important to be aware and observe it. Everyone has freedom to choose. There is no false beliefs. Everything you believe is true. You believe you are ugly, that’s true. You believe you are smart, that’s true. You believe this world is cruel, that’s true. You believe change is possible, that’s true.

Whatever you believe in is true for you. Even if you believe that everything happens to you and it makes you a victim, you are right. Beliefs are beliefs. You can take it or let it be there.

So, for me, everything happens for me, it always has a message for me. And I believe it.

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Weekly Message : Everything Doesn't Happen To Me | Audioblog #9

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