Weekly Message : Help

People come to your life for a purpose. To help you.
You were born for a purpose too. To help other people.
We were born to help each other.

Hello beautiful people! We arrived at the last week of February! Wow! Isn’t it so fast? We are still in the retrograde phase, and I got a problem already with my laptop keyboard. It can’t work properly, so I used on-screen keyboard for typing the description of my latest youtube video, haha. For this blog post I borrowed a portable keyboard, so this blog post can come out. Just chill. And let it be.

Everything happens for a purpose. It might be a sign for me to buy  a new laptop and to let go of this old one. It’s the year of letting go and ending, especially this Pisces season where I feel like I’m being led to somewhere new while I’m required to completely let go of my past attachments.

Well, recently some memories from my past came out of nowhere when I did my daily work or just chilled in my room. When I see those memories, I feel that I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t meet those people in my past. Some memories are beautiful, some others are not. I remember how painful they were in the past, but now I see it from a neutral place. Those people came for me to teach me some life lessons.

In the past I used to beat myself up when I broke up with someone. I used to put all the mistakes on myself that it’s me that make them leave. I experienced hard time during my early ages because I simply didn’t want to hurt other people. I did care too much to other people, then I realized that I had been living in illusion. 

This realization brought me into a conclusion that all those people coming into my life for a purpose.

I like this one quote from my favorite series during junior high school : the world belongs to you as much as you belong to the world.

You were not born for nothing. You have a purpose. So does everyone else.

People come and go at the right time. They come for a purpose to help you heal yourself, to accept yourself, and to work within yourself to finish the unfinished. It’s true that your current frequency is affecting which people to come. Even though you are feeling happy most of the day, as long as you still have those unfinished stuff inside you, some people whom you see as “scary” or “makes you uncomfortable” will come for you to help you finish your inner work. 

As I mentioned in the previous weekly message, we are reflections for each other. When you find something you don’t like about other people, it might be them trying to show your shadow aspect. That shadow only needs to be recognized and to be accepted, so that you can work with it.

When those people have served their purpose, they will go. When that time comes, let them go and be thankful for them. They have come FOR you. 

From my past relationships whether it’s friendship, mentorship, romantic, or other relationship, once I’m aware of some aspects of myself and work with it, it will end by itself, whether it’s by graduation, moving, losing contacts or breaking up. Not every “ending” is painful, it can come as a natural thing that we let them go easily. 

As I said in January Monthly Highlight, what’s meant to come will come, what’s meant to go will go. When they have served their purpose, they will go or they will stop doing something for you. When you ask why you face some break-ups with people you like, it might be because you need to learn something from them and you have finished those classes. Another reason is that you’ve missed a lesson. When you avoid or skip or are not aware of it, then the same pattern will be repeated over and over and over and over again.

So, during this Mercury Retrograde phase, let’s take a deeper look at our pattern and people around us. You might find some painful patterns or some people who constantly appear to be “annoying” or “scary”. It  might be caused by unfinished lessons in the past. 

When you can recognize that, then you are able to help yourself, at the same time you are also helping other people. You heal yourself, at the same time you heal other people. Because we are connected.

Your existence has a meaning. You are meant to help and receive help. So, if you feel like you want to stop here because you are useless or worthless, because someone has left you or you feel like not being supported, it’s just your current ego telling lies to you. We all do experience different lessons in this lifetime, you are not the only one student in this world. The world belongs to you as much as you belong to the world. Never give up on yourself. Don’t stop. You are part of the world. Yes. We are the world.

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