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We are all connected.
We came from the same place. We are pure souls that were sent to this Earth to learn and help. 

Sometimes we feel separated from other people that we need to compete, compare and prove ourselves. We feel less than other people, we are scared that we would get hurt, we are scared of being lonely. 

But, energetically, we are all connected. We came from the same place, we were created by the same Source.

I first got this concept that we are all connected during college, but I didn’t pay much attention to it until last year. I realized that certain people come and go in our lives because of that connection. Subconsciously we attract and/or are attracted to people who have something similar to us. When first I knew this, I was like wow so that’s why these people come, so that’s why I dislike that person, so that’s why I was attracted to them.

We are different but we are reflections for each other. 

As I said in the previous post, we are all having wounds inside us that need to be healed, or shadows that need you to work with, or patterns that need to be ended. Some people appear in our lives showing us those parts. Mostly we feel the resistance to acknowledge it, then we end up hating that person. 

I used to hate someone just because of his personality. But later I realized that he showed me my shadow. I subconsciously accepted something that has been labeled to me as my personality but actually I disliked that label. I used to live like never having that kind of personality. I forced myself to be the opposite and repressed that label so much without observing it, and pretended to not having it anymore. I wasn’t honest with myself. Then this someone appeared, actually he is a celebrity whom many people know, I used to dislike him because he has that repressed side of me in him. Even though people couldn’t see it, I saw it because I had it

I’m no longer disliking him because I’m now aware of that shadow part of me. I’ve worked with it, accepted it, then let it go. I accept myself, then I can accept him as he is. When you feel like hating other people because of certain reasons, they might have your shadows in them. It’s not about asking other people to change, but yourself. As I learn more about people, I get that when I change, other people will gradually change too. When you heal yourself, you also heal other people. When you are able to love yourself, you will be able to love other people. It’s all started by you, the nearest one you are connected to. As you understand more about yourself, you understand more about other people, because we are connected.

We all have a unique connection, because we are human. Connection is not about romance only, it's a universal thing that all people have, because we came from One Source and will come back to that same place. Something that I'm still working on is this one from The Science of Enlightenment by Shinzen Young : "When you realize your Source, you have no choice but to see everyone as a close relative."

People come for your growth. You, too, were born for other people's growth. We teach each other for growing better in this lifetime.

We don’t need to prove ourselves to be the rightest one. We don’t need to prove that other people are less than us. We are no longer hating each other, because we are reflecting each other’s traits. We have been wounded for so long, we have denied ourselves, we have been dishonest to ourselves. So, it’s time to take some time alone, to just sit down and have a deep talk with yourself. Listen to what you really need, what you are currently feeling, and observe it from a neutral place. 

Even though it’s hard sometimes, be grateful for the people coming into your life, especially those who show your repressed parts. Be grateful for them so that you now can work with that part and heal yourself. 

We can live by not hurting each other. We can live in a peaceful and friendly world. Be the best friend for yourself, then the world will be best friend for you.

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