Weekly Message : Choose

Hello again!
This is the first weekly message with new format as I said in the previous Monthly Message post. Yesterday we talked about destiny, that you know that you are powerful and having the ability to choose among limitless possibilities available for us.

Sometimes you feel like you have no choices and feeling trapped in the current situation. 

Life is agreement. When you agree about something, you allow it to be part of your life. Like, when someone said that you are ugly, and you start thinking about it and you then agree to that opinion, then you are right, you are ugly now. But, if you just see that opinion and let it go, it won’t affect you anymore. So, it’s important to pay attention to which ones you are currently allowing to be part of your life. When it doesn’t match with your dreams, you can let it go. 

As I said before, it might seem scary to “walk alone” in this Earth. But among the limitless possibilities we could choose, there is guidance. I always remember one verse where God said that when you pray, He will hear. When you ask, He will answer. You are not alone. You are not lost.

You don’t always have to inherit your parents’ beliefs if it only blocks you to grow. You don’t have to pick other people’s beliefs too, you are free to decide which beliefs you want to take

By choosing which ones to pick and to let go, you decide your own future destiny. That’s the destiny I want to emphasize in this month’s theme especially for myself who used to put myself as powerless and as a  follower of other people’s beliefs. You came here to this Earth to serve your purpose, not to be trapped in the same old cycle which is not you. You actually have the power to choose. Remember there are limitless possibilities of your life, you can choose one. It’s not about following the society standards about what life should look like, but picking the one which resonates the most with you. 

Like, astrology is the energy map available for us to work with, not something that controls your life. We can choose which one to take, we can choose what steps we need to, because life is flexible. For example, in my birth chart I have the career indicator that says the field I’m suitable to work is beauty. That opens my eyes, I’ve been working in design field which is not too far from making everything beautiful. I have been working with the beauty energy without realizing it, so now I choose to working with it mindfully. It doesn't mean that I should be working in this beauty related field forever in order to be "lucky", I can choose any job I like. I also have what’s called negative placement in my chart too, but the more I learn and work with it, I understand that everything is perfect as it is. Everything serves its purpose in our lives. 

You are the driver of your car, you decide and choose which way to turn, when to stop, how you drive and which your destination is. When you get lost, ask google map, ask people you meet.

You have been blessed with energy to drive, not being driven by the energy.

Other example is when someone says you are ugly. You shouldn’t have to accept it. It might be their current perception of you which makes them say that, it might be they have their own standards of being beautiful such as having 5 meters height. I remember one of my classmates during high school suddenly came to me and said that my skin is dry and I would get saggy skin and look older in the next few years. But since I chose to not believe that, because I used to believe that my skin is oily (but it’s actually combination and dehydrated that time - that’s why it looks dry sometimes), I just let that opinion passed through. The most important thing is how you look yourself. Your friend only know you from the outside, even your parents and siblings, they don’t live as you. What they say might be the things they have experienced before and their perceptions about things around them, but you can’t blame them too. 

You can peacefully choose the ones you want to, and to not choose the others. You can choose anything to be part of your life. You don’t have to look at other people’s lives to match yours with. You don’t live their lives. What people consider as best might be not the best in your dictionary. What you consider as best might be not the best one for other people.

You are allowed to choose the best life for you. You are free to choose. You are allowed to choose to choose something or to not choose anything. So, choose by and for yourself.

Okay, I hope you enjoy this post and you get more insight into what I mean about this month’s theme. Let me know your thoughts about this month’s theme or February Monthly Message by the comment box below. Until the next post, keep living, keep loving, and peace!

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Weekly Message : Choose

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