Today's Message : Love Yourself

Hello, my loves!

Last night I went to bed with the intention of feeling so much love the next day when I woke up. I went to bed at midnight because I needed to make one drawing to post on instagram, haha. It’s actually another challenge for myself to make one drawing a day. I woke up at 4:30 AM in a fresh state and I didn’t feel sleepy at all. Then I did my morning prayer, morning yoga and meditate for 10 minutes. What a pleasant morning. The best Friday so far.

I feel so much love and peace today. 

Yeah, as the title says, I want to say to you all who read this blog post, to love yourself. Love yourself first before loving other people. As The Script said in their song If You Don’t Love Yourself *), if you don’t love yourself you can love no one else

Last year I already made a similar post titled A Friendly Reminder To Love Yourself (in Bahasa Indonesia), but today I intended to make another post with the ideas I have today. In English. So everyone can read when they find this post on search engine.

If you accidentally find this post, this post is meant for you. It’s not an accident. Universe brings you here to get some messages or even share your ideas about love here.

Why do you have to love yourself?

No, you don’t have to.

You need to.

As an old song said, living without love is like a park without flowers. 

Love is not something you find in the external world but inside you. You are love. You are the source of love. You were born as a lovely pure human until you absorb society values. You forget who you are, you forget what you have, you become someone you don’t know.

Because you become a person you are not familiar with, you can not love yourself. You watch TV and other medias that presenting certain definition about love that love is something you get from your external world, you can’t live without the ‘love’ that other people have, you will feel lonely if you don’t have a partner, you feel pitiful when you don’t have friends or your parents don’t give you gifts for your hard work. Social media and advertisement have a strong impact on us, they show what is considered as love, to love and being loved. Then we all live based on those definitions.

You chase people, you chase friends, you crave your parents’ attention, you want other people to praise you and to say good things about you, you want to have certain things to make you similar as certain people from the admirable social status, you want to appear like someone who is considered as international beauty. Then what happens? You find yourself in the circumstances that’s pretty different, you have different nose shape than those models, you don’t have one million followers on instagram, you are single, you are not 182 cm height, you don’t have branded shoes and bags, you don’t have parents who send you lots of gifts, you don’t have expensive car, you find your friends talking bad about you. Then you start to hate yourself. You hate yourself because you don’t meet those standards. You feel like you are a failure, you don’t want to live in this world. You want to be reborn as a Hollywood star. 

I ever felt and thought those kinds of things too. 

I used to think that I’m pitiful because I felt that I'm ugly and poor. I felt lonely and not meant to live in this lifetime. I want to be reborn as a beautiful princess who lives in a beautiful palace. But, later I realized that I’m way more than those standards, those rules, those labels. You are way more than the definitions you accepted as your identity. 

It reminds me of one Netflix serial titled Switched ***), where the girl who feels that she is ugly finally gets to switch body with the girl who has a considered beautiful face. But, she can’t be happy. She still feels hate, anger and resentment, she is scared, she feels lonely. No matter which body you were born in, no matter which family and circumstance you are in, if you are not aware that you are the love you've been looking for, you will feel the same.

You are love. You are made of love. You came from the Place of Love and Kindness. You came here to love. 

Love is not something you get from your surroundings. Love is not something you chase. Love is not something that limits you. Love is not something that creates suffering. Love is love. Love is beautiful. Love is energy. As one quote from Rhonda Byrne said “Everything is energy. You are an energy magnet, so you electrically energize everything to you and electrically energize yourself to everything you want”

When you love, you are being loved at the same time. 

You love yourself, you are loved by yourself. You give love, you receive love. What you send out will come back to you.

When you love yourself, you feel loved. You emit energy of love then you energize everything on that level to you. When you chase someone for their love, you show that you don’t have love. You emit the energy of lack of love then you energize everything on that level to you.

You can be single and feeling that you are loved. You also can be in any kind of relationships with any kind of human and you feel sad. You can be single and you are sad. You can also feel loved at the same time as you are in a relationship. It’s not the status, the thing, the people, the circumstances that bring love, but you. It depends on you. 

It’s not partnership that brings love. It’s not an expensive wedding dress that makes you feel loved. It’s not from your spouse, your children, your parents, your friends, but yourself. When you love yourself, you feel loved. When you feel loved, you can love other people.

You can not give what you don’t think you have. If you can not love yourself-the closest person you have, you can not love other people who are not that close to you.

My current favorite song is Love Yourself by Little Glee Monster **) that the lyrics resonate with me. One part of the lyrics is : 君を誰より愛せる人は君だ (The person who can love you more than anyone else is you)

You can not control how much other people love you. You can not control what way your parents, your friends, your spouse show their love to you. You can not expect they have the exact same love you have given them. You know what you need. You know how much love you want. You know what way you choose to show love. You know everything about you. So treat yourself the way you want to be treated. Love yourself the way you want to be loved.

Yes, it’s you. Your body, your organs, your tissues, your cells, your bacteria, everything that makes you today. They are love. If they are not love, there is no you who reads this blog post. You have great love within you. You just need to know, embrace and let yourself be that love. Be that love. Give love to yourself, to your friends, to your siblings, to other people, to your pets, to the trees, to your house, to everything around you. 

You are love. 

You just need to allow yourself to be love to love and feel loved.

Sending you so much love, my loves. 

Keep loving, keep living, and peace.

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