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Hello! This is the second monthly message for 2020, and I decided to change the format into more casual one. The previous yearly, monthly and weekly might feel more abstract and more formal which sometimes makes me not enjoying the writing process. So, I want to touch the background why I post certain message and add more enjoyable aspects. Also, this is the first Monthly Message where I pick my own monthly theme from my journal instead of drawing new keywords. I will keep this format for the rest of 2020.

Well, first I want to congratulate all of you that you have reached here. You've gone through the first 31 days of the new decade. You are amazing. As we know, the intense energy since the very beginning of the year followed by recent world, political, environment, and health news might bring us into worries and fears, even hate and separation. Not only globally, but also personally. Everyone has been affected in different areas of their lives, that I found some tweets that mentioned it’s the longest and toughest January ever. Oppositely, January runs too quickly for me, it might be due to the many things inside my mind that makes me excited to do them all that I neglected my health so my body reminded me to slow down for several days. That intense energy is one of the reasons why I decided to create #MyKindFebruary project. You can check and join the project that starts today on February 1 by this post : Let’s Join #MyKindFebruary. 

When you look at what happened recently, it marked the beginning of the journey into a completely new age. We are currently in a phase for letting go of anything that is no longer serving us for the better. Some things will end and it should happen because we have to free some space for something new that supports us. If you’ve been holding on to everything that should be let go of and at the same time you’ve been wishing for stepping into a better life, it will go no matter what, for bettering your life. 

This seems scary when you are suddenly required to let go of everything you love. It seems that you are powerless. That you might think it's your destiny to lost everything. Destiny is scary because it's unchangeable. 

What do you think about destiny?

People around me used to tell me that destiny is something we can’t change, we are powerless, because God has set everything perfectly for us as our destiny, and we only have to experience it. I realized that I came here perfectly as human without knowing why I was born in this body, in this family, or by this name, that's destiny. But other than that, I believe that God gives me the freedom to choose among limitless possibilities available for me to live in this Earth. 

We have destiny and freedom. We have changeable and unchangeable events. We will learn to appreciate from the unchangeable and  learn to lead from the changeable.

Destiny might be a bit confusing topic to talk about since we have different interpretation and belief about it, but what I want to talk here is the why destiny becomes my February theme. I chose Destiny as a reminder for myself that I am powerful and free. I'm loved and guided. Life is flexible and fun. Some are already set, some are depending on our decisions. I want to say that we are not powerless. We have the power to change the 'future destiny' through the freedom to choose. When you think that you don’t have much money, you don’t understand certain subject at school, or you haven’t found the perfect relationship, that’s your current situation or your now. That’s not unchangeable, that’s not your fixed destiny if you don’t allow it to be. 

For me, personally, I believe that God has created limitless possibilities for me to choose. I remember one verse which says that God will never change your life until you change it yourself. It shows that there is the best possibility available for each of us for every aspect of our lives. God wants us to make changes and grow by ourselves. Even though it might seem still scary, that you have to "walk alone", but don't forget that you can ask for guidance and help.  

Most of us might be scared of what’s called future destiny because we can’t see it yet. We don't know what comes next in the middle of our journey. Yes, it’s scary because it’s invisible now and is beyond our knowing. We feel that because our natural state loves certainty in order to protect us and to survive by making us scared of the unknown. 

Even though what we don’t know yet sometimes scare us, but soon the future will be the now. The unseen will be seen. The unknown will be known. Like, when you say something about going to somewhere tomorrow, then couple hours later, the tomorrow you just said has become your now. You only experience the now. You have experienced many “the now”s until now. And you can go through it until now version of the now, and you will always be.

So when we talk about how you in 5 years later look like, how your destined person looks like, or how your destined job looks like, it's not fixed. There are still limitless possibilities for you, until you take an action, to choose.

No matter how your now looks like, there are still limitless versions of  “the now” which are different and you can choose the ones you like.

Let yourself be free to choose as much as to be free to learn.

Ask these questions to yourself : If there is no rules and limitations, and you always have anything you need (support, skills, knowledge, resources), what things do you want to create in this life? What are your dreams? How does your dream you look like?

What you want will remain as a possibility when you make it stay there. But it will be your now when you allow it to be.

Let me tell you something. When you can see that vision of yourself and you choose it to be yours, it’s definitely for you. That’s your destiny. 

I hope you enjoy this post. Tell me about your dreams after answering some of the questions above or your thoughts on destiny in the comment box below. See you tomorrow in the weekly message section!

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