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Hi, beautiful people! How’s February going so far? How is your first 2 weeks of February going? As continuation of January, I’m still running the #MyKindFebruary challenge I made myself, and tried some new things. One of the new things I decided to make is audioblog. 

I just googled that audioblog is a blog which includes audio clips with brief description of the contents. Actually I made this lailiving audioblog without checking what audioblog means, I’m just inspired by audiobook. I like listening to audiobook sometimes, so then this came up : how about turning my blog contents into audio version too? I don’t have specific goals to create this audioblog, other than practicing English speaking. Beside that, I have one Youtube channel which had been empty since it’s created. When I browsed for ‘lailiving’, this channel would appear in the search result, I wanted to do something for this empty channel. This audioblog idea then came up. 

I will add more stuff to this channel later, but for now I will focus on this audioblog. For me, recording audioblog is more difficult than writing a blog post, since I live with my parents and siblings and we live in a city area with many vehicles and other noises. Sometimes I need to re-record the whole audio when mom or anyone suddenly calls me or someone coming into my room. Like for the weekly message episode, I made the schedule for it to be uploaded on Monday but my sister couldn’t be quiet and the religious-related event near my house made so much noise. Sometimes I want to move to a quiet place alone so I can record many audioblog episodes as I want to without being cut off. I want to live peacefully somewhere quiet in Switzerland.

Look how quiet and peaceful this place.

I’m currently working as designer in the same place I’ve been working for around 3 years, that you know I can’t record anytime I want to. It’s interesting, because it makes me more creative and using my free time more wisely. I can’t blame my surroundings, or people around me, because they are already doing the best at their levels. If then it doesn’t match with mine, nobody is wrong, nobody is to be blamed. If I get mad at them, it won’t change the situation. So, instead of thinking the bad thing, I would do what I could do at the moment. 

There are times when I’m excited to record and do many things but the outer situation doesn’t allow me to do that. Even though it’s still sometimes hard for me to accept that my plans don’t run as I want to, I realized that it’s only the ego which loves to grab the control to make everything safe and predictable. Ego loves certainty, ego loves the familiar. It’s not a bad thing too, since ego wants us to be safe and to survive, it wants to protect us anyway it can. But it can’t be the reason for me to hurt others and myself because I follow that ego’s way to reach the controlled state. I can’t force my schedule or control the outer circumstances. It will only create chaos and stress. Even if it makes me upset sometimes, I accept that feeling, not judge myself to be bad when I feel negative feelings or when I can’t do the things I have planned. 

This audioblog teaches me something that I have to find more peace from the inside. No matter how the outer goes, when you feel the peace inside, it won’t affect you anymore. So, I will record anytime I can with the best quality. I believe that as I find the key, everything will make sense, everything will follow. Everything will be better and better as I don’t stop learning.

You can listen to all available episodes of lailiving audioblog here :

Note : I don't know why I used different format for Monthly Highlight title, and it's supposed to be entry #6 but I wrote #5 instead lol. And suddenly some of my keyboard tuts can't be used, so I used on-screen keyboard. And my laptop couldn't connect to our wi-fi at first. Ah, it's retrograde, haha.

Also, I might share things that I didn't mention in the original blog posts that are related to certain topic. So, this audioblog will be a complement for my blog.

So, what do you think about doing whatever you love to do without hurting yourself and other people? Or have you listened to one of lailiving audioblog episodes? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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