Weekly Message : Shine

You were born to shine.

Everyone has different way to contribute in this world. You might not realize yours yet. You’ve been following to be other people, but that doesn’t satisfy you. Even though you get exactly what other people said as happiness, but you are still craving for the true happiness for you. You are now leaving that confusion as you realize what your power is. You need to shine by that power of yours. 

You are leaving anxiety and fear, letting them go and being grateful for the lessons they have taught to you. You are not regretting the steps you have taken in the past which caused you to question about your identity, your true self, your needs. By the mistakes you have made, you learned so much, you are growing into better person with so much knowledge and wisdom. You forgive yourself and people around you as you are moving forward toward new direction which is meant to be your path. You are leaving the old which doesn’t serve you for the good.

You are now stepping into a new foreign territory.

It’s normal to have fears of unknown and new things, but it’s a step you have to take in order to expand your kingdom, your comfort zone. You have the source you need within you. Use your potential without hesitation to take action now. You have the power to translate your dreams into reality. As you are able to build trust inside you, you will be directed toward anything which supports you. 

You are a hero. When you see other people as hero, you are a hero too. Find that hero within you who needs to come out. Let him shine as himself. What you like from anyone is actually the thing you have which needs to be revealed. It’s okay when you don’t know who you truly are or what kind of hero inside you, but when you try to embrace the positive qualities you admire from other people and do your best in your everyday life, you will be guided toward who you really are. 

Don’t hesitate to help, to inspire, to express, to speak, to create. Don’t diminish your abilities, don’t say anything bad about yourself. Appreciate and be proud of any achievement and hard work you have done. You don’t need anyone else to give rewards. No matter how many awards and gifts you receive, you won’t be happy when you don’t appreciate yourself. You don’t need harsh words nor punishment to learn and be better, you just need to accept what your mistakes are, analyze them and try again. Know that mistakes are there to teach you. You will find who you really are as you learn and accept everything you have and you did.

Don’t dim the light inside you because of the mistakes you did. Don’t turn off that light because people ask you to do so. Don’t fade your light because you don’t have certain possession. Don’t ever darken your light just because you are now in the lowest condition of your life. Everyone was born to shine.  You were born to shine. You are going to shine.

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Photo by Tomoko Uji
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