Weekly Message : Reflect

You might currently feel unappreciated of work you have been doing, or you feel like the hard work you have put into your project don’t give the results you expected, or you feel people around you are against your decisions. 

It’s okay.

You are actually full of ideas, passionate, enthusiastic and willing to explore more. You have so many great plans to execute. Maybe, you have spread your focus into too many points that you end up feeling exhausted. Maybe, you are always saying yes to everything that comes to you because you don’t want to upset people. Maybe, you have been comparing your work to other people’s. Maybe, you are too detailed on small things that you forget why you started this project at the first time. Maybe, you have certain limiting beliefs which prevent you from seeing the opportunity.

It’s important to address whatever it is which hold you from being the best version of yourself. Address what beliefs you have in terms of relationships, finances or about yourself. Shift from ‘there is nothing left for me’ into ‘there is always enough for everyone in this world’. Give and help freely without expectations. Create grateful list of everything you have and you did, no matter how small it is. Recall the 3 things you are most grateful for everyday before going to sleep.

Any outer events you experience is a reflection of your inner. You can decide what your think and what you feel. Remember that any of the circumstance you have is temporary. As you are able to shift your thoughts, emotions, and focus, you will get better understanding and take control of yourself to the outer circumstances.
Everything you need will come to you easily.

Eliminate fears of getting lost and making mistakes. Observe the voices which judge you from being who you really are from a neutral place. Erase your judgement toward yourself and other people. Commit to make changes you want to see, keep doing. Disagreement from people is normal. Please realize that you can’t make every single person happy all the time, you can’t say yes to them all at the same time. 

Analyze what you have done or what you have been doing. When you feel exhausted and tired because of not seeing any progress, you might need to see the bigger picture. As a whole, what steps you have taken in order to reach your finish line? When you are able to find what it is the most important thing to do, you will get aligned back. Pick the only one thing you need to do and focus on it, then move into the other. 

Do one thing at a time. Eliminate negative self-talk and judgement in your mind, maintain your focus, listen deeply to yourself. You will be okay. Keep doing. Keep going.

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