Weekly Message : Purpose

weekly message purpose

Nothing is coincidence, everything has its own meaning and purpose. 

You have been holding onto something which limits you to pursue your dreams. You have isolated yourself from opportunities and experiences. You might also have been hurting yourself without even realizing it. Then God sends anything to move you, for you to make changes in your life, through goodbyes, heartbreaks, chaos and even conflicts. Those will wider your perspective and to honor yourself more. It’s time to look within, to see what limiting beliefs you have been holding on to, to heal yourself and ask for help if it’s needed. 

You have arrived to the point where you are now. You have gone through many things and you have worked hard for this. Please appreciate yourself for all of that. No matter what happened in your past, you can’t change them. The only thing you can change is your future. If you remain in the same point without doing anything and dwelling into the past, you will repeat the same things. It’s not the time to regret and punish yourself. 

Take time to heal, to ask yourself, to understand what you really need in this life, to listen to yourself and do the necessaries for you to heal. It’s okay to pause for awhile. You can’t continue helping others while carrying all the wounds. You can’t pour someone else’s cup with nothing inside your cup. 

Take time to let go and say thanks to everything which is meant to go. They have served their purpose in your life, it’s time for you to hold on to new things, new opportunities, new beginning. There are many new beginnings you are going to embrace, because life is not about one beginning and one ending only. Life is multi-chapter-ed story with so much ups and downs, meetings and goodbyes, conflicts and celebrations, dark and light. 

Whatever comes into your life is not coincidence nor accident. You are meant to experience various things in this lifetime in order to level up and be better, to spread wisdom and light to other people, to fulfill your life purpose. Both good and bad things will come to teach you something. Good and bad are just perspective, how you see them, how you accept them. Sometimes what’s other people considered as scary isn’t that scary when you decided to step into it and face it. 

Take everything as lesson. They are coming for a purpose, to help you. When they have completed their purpose, they will go and when that time comes, let it go and be grateful for the lessons they have taught to you.

You only need to remain calm to see everything clearly and to welcome the things you are going to receive. The bright future is coming for you.

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