Weekly Message : Beautiful

You are the never ending story you are telling to yourself.

You might be feeling trapped in a life you don’t want, you might be feeling trapped inside a body you don’t love, you might want to switch to another life which seems better to live in so you are able to be better person and able to reach your dreams. You might have been doubting yourself for everything you deserve. I want to tell you that you don’t need to switch to another body or be reborn as royal family member. You don’t need to. You are already having everything you need. You have so much potential and strength to make your wishes come into fruition.

When the usual story you’ve been telling to yourself is about being a victim, being the weak, being the most hated person or being the ugliest girl in the world, then those ones are your reality. What you constantly say, create your belief, your belief builds your action, your actions create your reality.

You have the power to change your life into anything. 

You may think that you are ugly, you don’t have excellent brain, you are poor, you can do nothing. Then you are right. 

You may also think that you are beautiful, you are loved, you are smart, you have everything you need, you can do everything. Then you are also right.

There is nothing wrong with your story you say to yourself, there is no false beliefs. Whatever you believe in, you are right. Everyone has the equal freedom to believe anything they want. But, you can’t blame other people for your belief. Your belief reflects on your life. Your belief is your reality. That’s why you are the only one who get the full responsibility of your own life.

When you know that everything you believe is coming into fruition, what thing do you want to believe then? Is it the you who are ugly, poor, incapable and hated? Or is it the you who are beautiful, smart, loved, rich and powerful?

Your life is in yourself. You have the full power to choose which story you want to create, what role you want to play. Take a look to where your energy and attention goes. Are you delivering your attention into something which brings you joy and success? Or are you dwelling in the same old story which no longer serves you for the good? That scared voice which holds you back from moving forward is part of you which is still trapped in the past and tied by limiting words from other people. Don’t hate that part of you, he is there to teach you something. Don’t listen him but learn something from him to free yourself from that scared voice. 

Whatever inspiration or idea sparks inside you, go for that, you might feel scared at first. But the thing you want to go for, can be the answer you have asked. 

Once you are able to free yourself from the heavy baggage you have been carrying for so long that is the same old stories you have told to yourself, some of your wishes will come true, you will make progress, or if you have thought about it before, you are going to move to a better place. The most important thing is, you are getting the freedom you are longing for, you are able to fly higher and lighter toward your dreams. Appreciate your hard work, be grateful and be present in the now. So much blessings will approach you as you are able to keep focusing in the present moment. You will be surprised that Earth is a beautiful place to live in. 

Yes, Earth is beautiful, because it has you, a beautiful human living on it.

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