Monthly Message : One Hundred Percent

100% lailiving

You have the courage, confidence, passion and power to be a queen of your own kingdom. You are complete and whole. You bring good energy to your surrounding which inspire others to be like you. You are an inspiration and light for other people. If you’ve been waiting to do a new project or do something new, it’s the time. Go for anything you are dreaming of. It doesn’t have to be a big step at first. Small step does count. 1% does count. It makes changes. When you decided to make a move today, it will shift you to get closer and closer to your dreams. Believe that you are able to choose wisely, to think clearly, to make the best decision.

Let your heart feel enthusiastic and excitement. Receive the messages, signs or inspirations from anywhere. Be present. There are going to be new ideas which inspire you, and new opportunities which bring you hope. You are not going to be hopeless nor clueless. There will always light to guide you.

When you set where your finish line is, you will be guided and inspired along your journey. Don’t be afraid. Use your own voice, be bold, don’t follow anyone else, you are your own leader. You set everything for you to harvest later. Nurture your creativity, don’t hesitate to express yourself. You might be different, but you are you, someone who has so much potential and strength to make changes in this life. Everyone was born to make changes in different way. When you answer your calling, you will live in fulfillment. When you deny your calling and follow other people’s path which is not meant for you, no matter how much money you have, you will always question where the happiness is. 

Abundance is available for you. There is always enough for everyone in this world. Don’t worry, you are not lacking anything, you have enough resources you need to move forward. 

Don’t forget to have fun with life. Spend time with people with good energy who keep you inspired and growing. This life isn’t about reaching the finish line only, but how to enjoy the trip and learn about everything offered along the road. There will be ups and downs, and it’s normal. It’s not the outer situation which defines you, you do. Like the moon phase, you will go into waning phase, but please remember that you will come as a full moon again. Any phase you go through, you are still 100% you and you are not missing anything.

Take the offer to the freedom to create the life you want by taking the lead now. You are the one who can make yourself happy, you are the one who will make your dreams come true, you are the key of your story. No matter how impossible it seems, it’s possible when you are able to see it. Even though it’s only 1% progress every day, you will make it into 100% when you keep showing up, moving forward and believing yourself.

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